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Star Wars Battlefront Companion app for free credits

We have a quick heads-up for all of you Star Wars fanatics out there, as we’re pleased to confirm that the Star Wars Battlefront Companion app download for iOS and Android is now live.

It offers instant access to stats and progression made in the main game which is launching next week, but more importantly it is worth downloading as you can actually earn free credits in Star Wars Battlefront by playing Base Command on the app.

Base Command is a mini strategic card game, where players can use their Star Cards to defeat enemies in Sieges which are implemented with increasing difficulty.


The more Sieges you manage to complete by deploying your Star Cards effectively, the more credits you will earn which you can spend in console and on PC with Star Wars Battlefront.

The app is free to download so you should definitely try this out right now and get started on earning credits before launch. Full details are over at the Star Wars Battlefront blog here, while we’ve also added an introduction video below letting you see how the app works.

Have you installed it already? Give us your thoughts on it below and if you think it is a great side companion to the game. Star Wars Battlefront launches on November 17 so not long to go!



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