Walmart Xbox One bundle price for Fallout 4 Vs Halo 5

Everybody wants to buy the cheapest Xbox One bundle in November during the sales period and two games that most gamers are opting for is Fallout 4 and Halo 5.

Now, we take a quick look at Walmart’s Xbox One bundle price for Fallout 4 Vs Halo 5 and see what price they are offering with the two games attached to both bundles.

Fallout 4 has just launched globally now, so those that didn’t get it straight away are probably waiting for a bundle deal instead.

Right now, Walmart are offering a 1TB Fallout 4 Xbox One bundle for $399 although sadly there isn’t a unique Fallout 4 theme on the console – it’s just the standard black theme which you can buy anywhere else.


There is however a nice incentive to buy with Fallout 3 included in this bundle for free – available as a digital download via backwards compatibility.

Meanwhile Walmart’s Halo 5 Xbox One bundle is more expensive at $499, but it is a limited edition console and features a lovely design to match.

The copy of Halo 5 Guardians is a digital one however, but there are a nice list of in-game extras that come packaged with this bundle – details of which you can read through over at Walmart’s listing.


There’s even custom console sounds as well making this a very tempting offer for November. The question is, do you think it is worth spending $100 more for the Halo console bundle with custom sounds?

Do you find it disappointing that there is no unique limited edition Fallout 4 console bundle for Xbox One? Let us know which one you think is better for you and why.



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