Tesla Model S Autopilot safety update demanded immediately

A video on YouTube is getting a lot of negative attention because it highlights a flaw in the Tesla Model S Autopilot feature, which now requires an update immediately due to safety fears. Elon Musk has always maintained that Autopilot should not be used on certain Model S vehicles, as the system is improving all the time. However, it would seem that a stupid individual has left people demanding an update.

Tesla has to take some of the blame here because if you introduce something, there are always people out there that will abuse it, which is just what you see in the video below. You can see that the Autopilot has been engaged, yet there is no-one sitting in the driver’s seat – and what’s worse this has been done on the highway full of cars.

Tesla Model S Autopilot update

Many people have taken to YouTube to share their anger at the video that was made on Dutch roads, and assume that Tesla would have already responded to this. They have done so, and said that they are aware of some people doing this, and that an update is forthcoming, although have yet to offer any details as to how long that will be.

We have heard from several of our readers wondering what Tesla will do, and the easiest solution would be to only allow for Autopilot to be engaged if there is someone sitting in the driver’s seat.



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