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Samsung BD-J5700/ZA 2D BluRay player review verdict

Some of you like to keep it old school and rather watch a good movie on disc form rather than download or stream it from the Internet, especially when your Internet provider has issues, and halfway through a movie it goes offline. It’s for this reason why consumer like to have a Blu-ray player, even if just for a backup. With so many to choose from, we thought we would highlight the Samsung BD-J5700/ZA 2D BluRay player for you.

Also known as the Samsung Smart Blu-ray J5700, this is only a 2D model, but who really cares about 3D these days, as we know this technology is slowly fading out. This player is not only affordable, but comes packed with features to allow you to get even more, much of which is thanks to its built-in WiFi.

The WiFi allows you to sync and also stream TV shows, movies, apps and games, along with gaining access to your media content stored on your PC, smartphone or tablet devices. The Smart features brings you closer to the entertainment with the home entertainment hub, such as the Opera TV Store.

Samsung BD-J5700:ZA 2D BluRay player specs

Some of the features include ANYNET+, BD Wise, AllShare, 2-channel Dolby Digital sound, Dolby Digital Plus and True HD. It will also upscale DVDs, and has a quick start mode.

It’s all very well reading over the specs and features of a device like this Blu-ray player, but the best way to see if this is the model for you is to either watch a video review, or read over a few reviews. This is where Target and also Samsung has you covered, as they have a number of owner reviews to help offer a review verdict.

Target customers have rated it 4.2 out of 5 stars, with 83 percent of them rating it. In terms of quality it has 4.5 stars, although for value it gets 3.5. It’s a similar story with Samsung, as their customers also rated the player 4.5 out of 5 stars. Going on this basis, this does seem like a decent model, and one worth your consideration.



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