Samsung 60-inch UN60JU6390FXZA 4K TV reviews missing

By Alan Ng - Nov 10, 2015

If you have the money to splash out on a new 4K TV in 2015, many of you are probably looking around to see which Samsung 4K TV is best to buy during the busy sales period.

One model which we want to take a look at is the Samsung 60-inch LED 2160p Smart 4K Ultra HD TV which many of you will be looking to buy online from retailers such as Best Buy or direct from Samsung’s website.

4K technology is often considered to be a premium luxury for the average consumer, but it’s good to see that prices are finally dropping and you could pick up some large screen TVs such as this Samsung 60-inch UN60JU6390FXZA 4K TV for under $1000 – this was impossible to do last year.

The Samsung UN60JU6390FXZA UHD TV is a bit of a mystery right now though, as it looks like this is one of Samsung’s latest models that hasn’t hit the shops yet for general consumption.

As a result, there are currently no Samsung 60-inch UN60JU6390FXZA reviews online at the time of writing but we hope to bring you further insight on this model later this month.


What we can do however is give you an idea of the Samsung 60-inch LED 2160p Smart 4K Ultra HD TV specs to show you what features this TV has at its disposal.

As the description above suggests, this is a 4K Ultra model from Samsung meaning that the whopping 60-inch LED display can output a native resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels.

Other features include a native 120Hz refresh rate, 3 HDMI ports, built-in WiFi, Smart Apps with Samsung Smart Hub, Samsung Screen Mirroring with mobile devices and premium sound quality with Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby Premium Sound 5.1 and DTS Studio Sound.

Don’t forget that you can also pair this up with one of Samsung’s popular soundbars and get an even better audio experience – probably necessary with such a large viewing screen.

PS4 and Xbox One console gaming will be incredible on this TV, while your current Netflix and YouTube experience will increase tenfold by upgrading to this model as well.

The question is: Are you willing to invest in one of Samsung’s latest 4K UHD TV models for 2015 or do you need to see reviews first before deciding whether or not to purchase?

Let us know your thoughts on the model so far based on the initial information that we have provided and let us know the best price that you have seen online.

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  • neilz

    Love this tv, have the 65′ version, 1080p stuff looks amazing and 4K looks out of this worl!! It has hevc and ap9 decoders built in so it can stream 4K stuff directly from the tv smart apps. The only one thing that sucks is that it actually has a 60 hz panel so in some movies you see a tiny bit of judder with moving landscapes since it cannot fully interpolate 24p signals, besides that it is great, with my ps4 I get a 25 ms response time which is great for a tv and absolutely no screen blurring or tearing. The uhd dimming is really nice in movies because it makes the black levels super low while staying bright in brighter areas. the one other thing I hope is that it is compatible with the evolution kit in the future so it could play HDR content.

  • Brad Knudson

    PLEASE HELP!!!! I have Samsung 60-inch UN60JU6390FXZA 4K TV. Netflix worked for the first two weeks and now it will not open. All other Apps work, netflix works on all other devices.
    Any help is greatly appreciated

    • samson

      just go to setting in netflix and exit, and thats it, also there is a new update for the software in the tv settings.

  • Gary Royale

    I got this budget 4K TV online through Best Buy’s website during Black Friday. So far
    I am very satisfied with the product. This is the first Smart TV I have owned,
    so just having the apps easily accessible was more then what I can ask for.
    Being able to browse my media server content was definitely a game changer for
    me as well. The 3 HDMI ports were perfect for my PS4 and Chromecast with an
    extra port to spare for a laptop or anything else I need to hook up on the fly.
    I was able to use optical out for my receiver when I need a boost in sound.
    The TV basically made my life easier without having to run everything
    through the PS4. There were also USB ports for those that want to run
    their storage devices for more media options.

    The few gripes I have is with the stock sound system. I would say even in
    amplify mode, it is still tame compared to my old Sony 46″ Bravia. Up-scaled
    1080P content can still look better. Seemed like my Bravia had more vivid
    colors. Where the picture shines with this model is when you are displaying 4K
    content. Also make sure you tune your display settings to use the Dynamic mode.
    Any other mode will not push out enough brightness and colors to truly see the
    details of 4K. Lastly after you setup your TV, make sure you do a software update. I had issues getting Netflix running out of the box, and this was quickly resolved.

    Overall it is performing better than my expectations which
    wasn’t much to begin with after only spending $800. I would recommend
    this to someone that is looking for a budget upgrade from the first generation
    of flat screen TVs. If you are looking for the high end Samsung performance
    flat screens, then you would have to look elsewhere more in the $1400 range.

  • Sean Kerszko

    I bought the 60″ TV (UN60JU6390FXZA) that was only offered for the Black Friday deal. Horrible. I tried every setting and I cannot get the picture to look anywhere near as good as my older 46″ Samsung. I guess the parts are cheaper. Thankfully I didn’t throw the box out yet. What a hassle it will be to return this thing. I thought for a while I was doing something wrong with the setup, but really there are just no settings I can change to make the picture look good. How can they possibly say this is 4K 2160? I’m curious if everyone is feeling the same way. I have yet to see ONE review on this TV for some reason. Anyway, those of you saying it’s probably not all it’s cracked up to be, you’re right.

    • samson

      that’s because the auto dimming turn it off it makes a big different, and also the energy efficient (eco)

      • Sean Kerszko

        Not true. I tried every setting, crap TV. Everyone is starting to say it now. Plus, Best Buy is saying this is the most returned TV. What a joke.

    • Tj

      You need to have HD SERVICE & then you will see an incredible difference.

  • Air Wolf

    Hey everyone. I decided to go with this TV since it was a good price with good reviews. I’m kinda thinking now that I want a bigger one, lol. I got it for $750 and an extra year warranty was $36. Total was about 795 with tax and 3 year warranty. Also, I received a $200 dell gift card and I need a new graphics card for my PC so that worked out. They’re currently out of stock, the price went back up to $1399 and they’re no longer offering the Dell gift card. Feel free to post what purchases you guys bought.Samsung 60 Inch LED Smart TV UN60J6200AF HDTV

    • Stephen Parabola

      Where did you buy it?

    • JeffG

      I bought this TV for $750 also and it is awesome. The colors are amazing, the smart features work flawlessly, and the 4k picture is remarkable. It was a great deal!

      • Air Wolf

        Which one did you buy?

  • Justin Trenton

    Is this tv HDMI 2.0 / HDCP 2.2?

    • surfhome

      yes it is, every samsung 4k tv beginning 2014 is hdcp 2.2 and hdmi 2.0

  • Air Wolf

    Thx for the info Dave and John. Could anyone please give us a list of quality TVs to buy on black friday?

    • Michael Gomez

      How much are you willing to spend? Quality is subjective when it comes to investing in a TV even though people see it as a “cost.” If you’re looking for a great “value” then consider the Samsung 55JU6500 but keep in mind that the 6500/6700 (curved model) and the 7000 are all 60Hz TV’s which is a bad combination when it comes to 4K or anything for that matter. (Despite the 7000 offering Samsung’s first generation of improved color) Another great value for a true 120Hz 4K TV is the Sony 55x810c. The BF pricing is Samsung 55JU6500 – $849 and the Sony 120Hz 55x810c is $999. The Sony includes their new X1 video processor, the same processor found in their flagship models, along with the Android TV O/S, developed by Google.

      If you’re able to spend a bit more, I’d suggest the Sony 55x850c which includes the same as the 810c but also Sony’s 3rd generation Triluminous + improved color. Sony introduced their improved color gamut back in 2013, this is their 3rd year doing it, this year they focused on a new and much faster video processor, the X1. This TV’s BF price is $1199 – this IS the hot deal when you look at bang for the buck, it’s not meant to be a doorbuster because those are meant to drive traffic but unfortunately don’t deliver on much of anything, especially build quality. If you don’t believe me, go into a Best Buy and ask anyone who worked BF last year and ask them about the Samsung BF special, the JU6830 and how it was the most returned TV from BF last year. Most will groan when remembering that TV. A great price but that’s about it… Good luck!

      • Air Wolf

        Good info, thanks. What about a good 60-65inch TV?

        • Michael Gomez

          No many companies are making a 60, but in the 65 easily consider the Samsung 65JS8500 or the Sony 65x850c. They both offer about the same, 120Hz, 4K capability, smart remote, the samsung uses their Tizen for the O/S while Sony partnered with GOOGLE and offers AndroidTV. Here’s the difference, Sony is offer their 3rd generation Trilumumious color while Samsung offers their first generation QD improved color via nano crystals (something Sony did back in 08′ with their XBR8 TV) and Sony offers their new X1 video processor, no one knows the same of Samsung’s video processor but again, similar in what features are offered, arguably the top two choices at the 65″ at a good price.

        • Air Wolf

          Those are very nice. Little out of my price range. Sorry, I should have been more specific. I’m trying to find a deal under $1000 and avoid the crowds. I heard Dell will have the Vizio M60-C3 on sale for $799. What do you think about that one and maybe any other suggestions?

        • Michael Gomez

          If you can swing $999, your best option will be the Sony 55x810c. Something you can see or show someone is “build quality” and that doesn’t rear its ugly head until later, when you’re past the manufactures warranty. A “good price” for a 55″ 4K is around $1500 – a lot of those that were priced there are on sale for less so those are your best option. I understand you’re on a budget, but something you should consider. I see that VIZIO available for $1199 at BBY dot com, a “licensed” dealer – if Dell is a licensed dealer, I’d say jump on that $799 price

  • chris

    how is this tv compared to vizio m60-c3. Which tv is better

    • Michael Gomez

      I would take the Vizio as it’s a 120Hz panel, the Sammy is 60Hz. There’s a reason why you can get a 55″ 4K for so little. Like my dad told me and I learned the hard way, “You get what you pay for.” Go with the Vizio or the Sony 55x810c ($999)

  • dave

    Buddy who works at BB and is the TV guru at the store told me “I wouldnt buy it”. He said if you want it ill hold one but its a slower processor. He informed me processor speed and refresh rate are different things. Some 120hz tvs have better pic quality than a 240hz. 120/240 are more geared towards marketing purposes. Youll have to look up complete specs on tvs and do homework which ones have a good processor vs which ones are not.

  • Air Wolf

    The specs are showing Refresh Rate 120Hz. Where are you coming up with 60Hz?

    • John

      120hz “Motion Rate” (which is really 60hz). It’s a gimmicky term by Samsung to cover up the fact that it’s not actually using 120hz.

      • Air Wolf

        Oh ok I see now. So you think there might be a better deal out there? What about Vizios? Do they false advertise also?

        • Michael Gomez

          Companies will massage words and use MOTIONFLOW or MOTIONRATE or Vizio’s CLEAR ACTION like their 4K M55-C2 which is a 60Hz 4K TV up to their 55″ (65″ gets 120Hz) but one way to check is if a TV supports 24P playback – only a TV that is a 120Hz panel can support 24P playback of BD movies

        • Demoncat

          All TVS using 4k are not 120hz at 4k, it maybe a 120hz tv but it won’t be at 4k because the sheer amount of bandwidth it would need would surpass the current hdmi specifications.

          All of them are using a form of motion interpolation, so you’re really giving bad advise to those who are wanting tvs.

          It’s not all about the refresh rate 60hz is enough since most content is 24-30 frames. In fact most of the 4k content will be at 30hz because it’s a larger market.

          And no, motion interpolation is not a gimmick, it is refreshing the screen at the rate it advertises, it is duplicating the frames to save bandwidth. The best motion interpolation is black frame insertion and is very popular among led tvs

        • Michael Gomez

          All good points but watching comparison demos makes it tough to not consider a 120Hz over 60Hz despite your valid points

        • Demoncat

          What I am saying those 120hz TV’s you are describing simply do not exist for 4k. They too are all using “Motionflow” or whatever their term is. In fact the only true 120hz tv’s I have seen are Visio ones, with a display port input and not HDMI.

        • Nerds At Best Buy

          1., the 120hz processing takes place in the TV, not through the hdmi 2.120 was used because both 24(film) and 30(broadcast) hz frame rates are evenly divisible in that number, eliminating the need for 3/2 pull down. 3 They are using 30hz because of the sheer storage need for HFR films like The Hobbit(filmed at 48hz) is not being demanded by the general public. Hope this helps.

      • Air Wolf

        So this Vizio D65U-D2 is doing the same thing as Samsung?

    • Michael Gomez

      Do be fooled by “Motion” this and that, buy a TV on what it is, not what it can behave like. Example, Sony’s is called MotionFlow and their 55x810c is a 120Hz panel with MotionFlow 960 – that means the TV’s technologies allow the TV to behave/perform as if it were 960Hz but inherently it’s a 120Hz panel. Make sense?

  • Rubicon

    Only at store No pre order No online.

    • John

      Incorrect. You can order this online for Best Buy’s Black Friday event.

  • sanz

    is this door buster in store or we can order in online also please help me in figuring out this
    only store or online also

    • John

      It’s a “Doorbuster”, though, it can be ordered online for Best Buy’s Black Friday event.

  • Rubicon

    An ultra 4k at 60 MHz refresh rate? How can that be possible? Buy it keep in box and not open and just wait until you can return for a full refund. Some stores allow 7 days some more. Do your due diligence.

    • Guy@BestBuy

      Best Buy return policy since start of Nov to be Jan 15. Open or not.

  • eddie

    Can this be returned for a full refund?

  • rex

    Actual refresh rate of this unit is 60Hz

  • Insider

    This model is the ju6500 only with 3 hdmi vs 4, 1 USB vs 3, wireless n only vs wireless ac, no Bluetooth support no component connections (odd), it still has the same refresh rate and quad core procesdor in all 6 series samsung 4ks, panel is not a samsung panel but many samsung tvs have outsourced panels… go to Costco and check out the 65 inch version of this set which they have on sale for $1199 on the 20th through the 30th… they have this set on display and it looks good

  • iandeleon

    Looks like a great deal, but I can’t just buy this tv and wait to see what I have when I get home. There won’t be any time to see what this tv is all about when it releases on thanksgiving, cause people will just see “4K Samsung for $799″ and just eat it up in minutes. I need to know what it looks like compared to other tvs and I need to know what smart tv items it will have. Can’t just blindly jump into this buy. Which is why I’m looking to get a 55″ Vizio m series tv today, even though it’s 5” smaller and only $170 off selling at $829, which is a little more than the Samsung doorbuster. At least I’ve seen the great quality, know what smart tv items it has, know it has 5 hdmi ports (even though 1 is for true 4K, but still… More than the Samsung), and that it has an approval by CNET.

    • Michael Gomez

      You’d be surprised at the 55x810c from Sony – great natural picture

    • tr4gik

      Actually you won’t be blindingly jumping, last time I check you can actually take this samsung home, hook it up, try it, compare it and if you don’t like it take it back to the store. They are extending the return period for 30+ days now for the holidays. so whats the problem?

      • iandeleon

        Well, if you don’t think it’s a hassle to do that, then have at it buddy. I, personally, don’t like to waste my time.

        • tr4gik

          Get off the couch once in a while mate.

  • Rubicon

    Product Features I copied paste the below information for Joel

    Smart TV means a huge world of entertainment

    Stream movies, sports, music and more with Smart TV and surf the Internet with the built-in Web browser.

    Watch smartphone and tablet content on your TV

    Screen mirroring allows you to view your mobile content on the larger TV screen.

  • Rubicon

    Joel *IT IS* a Smart TV.

  • Joel

    It’s not a SMART TV probably why it’s so cheap!

  • Rubicon

    Such speculations Why don’t you all just SHUT UP and stop assuming things. You all have NO technical specifications with you!!! BB sell good stuff Samsung doesn’t make antiquated tech Its an ULTRA 4K How would you create such a thing with a slow processor as someone said. It’s a good ….. deal and I am going to GRAB one when the doors open. I trust Samsung and I trust BB to sell only good products. Just go away you cronies!!!

    • Lancefurr

      Can’t tell if serious

    • Michael Gomez

      LOL – buddy, it’s a horrible TV and a great example of “You get what you pay for.” You want a great Samsung 4K TV at 55″, check out the 55JU8500 – that’s a nice Samsung 4K but far more than $800 bucks. “You get what you pay for.”

  • Dave Hiltbrand

    It’s the same TV as the 60 6500 but Samsung has different levels of brightness they use in their LEDs…this model will use weaker LEDS and most likely have a cheaper processor….most shows will look the same but video processing due to motion might be juttery

    • SteveB

      BB sales guy in store said the 6390 is same as 6500, without auto dimming or color pop, meaning ~13m colors instead of ~16m. Disclosed specs on BB also show 3 USB ports on the 6500, but does not indicate any on the 6390. Who knows for sure?

      I just bought two 32″ Samsung 1080p sets and very impressed with picture and color compared to 7 year old 42″ Sceptre komodo. Samsung 4k should be even better, but I assume CPU strength is increasingly critical to process all this data. Another BB guy said he got buyer protection just because 4k uhd tv’s are getting as complex as a pc, with better chance for something to break. Not like your old tube tv that lasted decades… GBA.

      Hope it will be available online.

      • Michael Gomez

        You don’t want this TV buddy. (and quickly on your 32″ Sammy’s, most TV’s will look good at that size because it’s smaller and more compacted image) Back to this TV, this is a HORRIBLE TV and the successor to last years BF nightmare (most returned TV) the Samsung 60JU6830 – ask any BBY employee who worked last year and they’ll groan. If you want a great 4K TV at 55″ from Samsung, check out the 55JU8500 or the really nice Sony 55x850c. More than the Sammy but “You get what you pay for”

  • denlem

    I had read somewhere that this is a cheaper quality Chinese made version just for Best Buy. That is why the low price

    • Dave Hiltbrand

      All the TVs sold in the US are manufactured in China excpet Vizio which is mainly made in Mexico…Samsung is just designed in South Korea like how Apple is designed in California but all Foxconn factories are in China

      • preferred user

        Not necessarily true , Sony and some Samsung for the US are made in Mexico .

        Hon Hai Precision Foxconn has plants in Mexico making most of the Sony product for the Americas .Lots of Sharp products for the Americas will continue to made in Mexico.

        Some Samsung HDR /SUHD sets are made in So. Korea ( ROC) . Vizio are made in a number of different places including the PRC ( China) by a number of different mfrs.

    • Michael Gomez

      You’re correct, but more that this is last years Sammy 60JU6830 which was the most returned BF TV and if you don’t believe me, go into a BBY and ask anyone who worked last year about it and they’ll groan. This TV is meant to help drive traffic because it will, that’s it. You want a solid 55″ 4K from Sammy, check out the 55JU8500 or the 55x850c from Sony – great video processor and color


    No USB port?

  • Aeleans

    3 HDMI ports on a new model should tell you everything you need to know.

    • Matt

      Is that good or bad?

  • Bryan

    Will be $799.99 at BB on Thanksgiving for those of you with no reason to be thankful!

  • Legacy Harrison

    Must be a cheap and lower quality samsung im betting.Need reviews

    • preferred user

      could be