Element ELEFT436 43-inch LED TV review uncertainty

By Alan Ng - Nov 10, 2015

Those looking to buy a new Element TV this month during the sales may have been intrigued by Element’s 1080p 43″ LED TV, which looks to be one of the company’s brand new models for 2015.

We say this as there is currently next to no information online for the Element ELEFT436 43-inch LED TV, other than the fact that Target usually offers this TV on their website.

Given that it is fresh out of the factory this year, there are no Element ELEFT436 43-inch LED TV reviews yet sadly, so you cannot get a heads-up from other consumers on whether this is worth the risk given the low price that it is likely to sell for.

We can however bring you an initial lowdown on the Element 1080p 43″ LED TV specs as it is still going to be a very popular choice as the perfect budget TV to buy during the promotions.

This model has a 43-inch LED display with a full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 and a native 60Hz refresh rate – not 120Hz for those who are specifically wondering.


It also has a dynamic contrast ratio of 4000:1, JPEG Viewer, dolby digital surround sound and a total of 3 HDMI inputs.

If you manage to find this TV for under $200, it could be perfect as a bedroom TV for gaming on the PS4 and Xbox One – as 1080p, LED and 60Hz are more than fine as a back-up TV.

Does the lack of reviews worry you when it comes to making the decision on whether to purchase? We also notice that this Element ELEFT436 43-inch LED TV is completely missing on the official Element website which doesn’t bode well.

Share your thoughts on this Element Electronics 43in Flat Panel Tv with 1080p and 60 Hz below if you have any additional information to share for those interested in picking one up.

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  • Clarence Wooters

    For element though wow no care for their consumers who had a broken tv under a year old. There was a problem with the digitizer and said that the damage was physical so they didn’t have to cover the tv! I will never buy from here again and you should save your money!

  • Sean

    Ours work perfect with PS3, Netflix, Roku for the money it’s the best deal out there but you know opinions are lock

  • Jim Lawrence

    I bought two of these in November 2015. Though many things are fine about this model for the price there are a couple of issues I have encountered on both TVs that you might be concerned about. I bought one of the TVs to be used primarily as a computer monitor which means connecting it to the computer via a VGA cable and mini plug audio cable. While this works fine for images, I find that the volume stops increasing when you get about 50% up the volume slider. This doesn’t happen to volumes from sources that are connected via the HDMI inputs – only VGA and mini plug audio. The TV that is being used as a computer monitor was also used for about a week or two with two DVRs connected to the HDMI ports. The content from one of the DVRs would drop out every 30 seconds or so – just go to a black screen for about 2 seconds out of every 30. The image from the other DVR would do something – I’ll call it spazzing out – which made it unwatchable periodically. I suspected my HDMI cables might be the problem so I tried every combination of the 2 DVRs to the 2 cables to the 3 HDMI ports but could not get the problems to go away. As soon as I hooked the DVRs back up to the Emerson flat panel TV they had been connected to before I bought the Element, the problem went away and never returned. So the problem isn’t the DVRs or the cables – it’s something about the way they interface with the Element that isn’t present in the way they interface with an Emerson TV.

    So when I unboxed the 2nd Element ELEFT436 a few weeks later and hooked it up I found the exact same volume issue with the PC connection and one of the DVRs was displaying the same issue of going black for every 2 seconds out of 30. I only tested it for an hour or so and did not try every combination possible but I believe I plugged both cables into all 3 HDMI ports and saw the problem on each of them and with each cable. The problem of “spazzing out” from the other DVR did not appear within the hour or so of testing but I’m betting that it would show up if I tested it longer. That TV has gone out as a gift and is reportedly working fine so far with just an Apple TV box connected to one of its HDMI ports. I’ve asked the recipient to test all 3 ports and will report back when I know more.

    • Stan Merck

      I just got this set and had the spassing out you described when hooking up to a roku at 1080p. Set at 720p no problem. Tried another HDMI input same problem. Changed HDMI cable and the problem is gone. The original cable worked fine on another tv before this one. I need to check it again to be certain something didn’t happen to the cable but I get its fine. The set does have a nice picture, it has just basic picture settings in the menu but that’s fine with me.

  • L Hensley

    Just bought it for $169, & we really like it! It replaced our 32″ one, & only TV. The color is great, the JBL speakers are more than adequate. It has 3 HDMI ports, plus a USB port. 2 of the HDMI ports are on the side, & 1 is on the back, so now, we can actually have both Chromecast, & Hulu plugged in at the same time, along with the DVD player.

  • Allen Straith

    This TV is great. I just bought it and it’s the best TV I’ve become bought. I’m not saying it’s better then the high end TV’s that are coming out, but for someone upgrading from an older HD or smaller TV, it’s perfect.

  • Marilegna Viruet

    Me n my wife got dis tv at her job at target for an awesome price n tbh its picture quality to me is amazing n smaller element tvs are more expensive if u get it under 200 during da holidays. Worth it trust

  • Richie

    The company is owned by LG and on CNet they have rave reviews. and if they had anything to do with Seiki that would not be the case. Seiki TV they couldn’t afford to put out another cheap TV. Hope it helps if you are looking to get a good TV for your kids for Christmas.

  • Allan Hunt

    LG and Vizio remotes work on this set. At least the one’s I have do. With that I assume they are probably made for Element by LG. That’s certainly a positive in my book. The picture is as good as other sets in the $300 to $400 range. If you were lucky enough to get it below $200, it’s well worth it in my opinion.

    • CMV MAM

      Does this set not come with a remote? I see that Target has it, as of yesterday for $169.00. thanks!

      • Allen Straith

        It does come with a remote and its picture is better then my parents Sony TV they bought a couple of years ago.

  • elliebelly44

    Is that a good thing or a bad thing??

  • NgTurbo

    I have a good feeling that this TV will turn out to be the Seiki SE43FK in disguise.