Xbox One backwards compatibility game list Batch 1

By Alan Ng - Nov 9, 2015

We just have hours to go until the first official Xbox One backwards compatibility game list is revealed by Microsoft. Everyone wants to know what time will the game list be released, but you may not be aware that the games could have been revealed early in advance.

Just to make it clear, Microsoft will be adding support for over 100 games – not just 100. We have seen some gamers under the impression that 100 is the final number, but we can remind you that it is only the first batch that is releasing this week.

Now with that said and done, an image has been published recently by German site DrWindows. It shows some very nice games included on that list – although no Crackdown yet which we know was confirmed recently.


We know that Fallout 3 is on the list as it was highlighted with the Xbox One version of Fallout 4, while other games that make the cut are Madden NFL 16, Crysis 3 and Halo: Reach.

Unfortunately it looks like titles such as Red Dead Redemption and Skyrim are not in the first batch, but hopefully they are already being worked on for the next update – these are easily two of the most requested Xbox One backwards compatibility games from the community.

Take a look at the early list above and let us know what you think about it. Once the official list is live later on Monday, we will let you know if it turns out to be true.

Are you happy with the first batch of games above, or not?

Update: The official list is LIVE. Games mentioned in the leak were incorrect – read the list and give us reaction below.

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  • NgTurbo

    Hmm, what are your thoughts on the official list guys? Happy or disappointed?

    • Dominique Bryson

      Disappointed. .no skyrim. .why ask and them deny one of the most requested games. Its stupid.

  • Crisco

    This list is a fake, it’s been floating around for months. Also Bethesda have already said that Skyrim won’t be backwards compatible.

    • Dominique Bryson

      Why wouldn’t they make skyrim backwards compatible. .what’s the point in not doing it

      • Crisco

        Tom Howard said that they had made it backwards compatible but they had no plans to release it. It is a shame.

        • Dominique Bryson

          What’s the point. .wow. ..smh with fallout 4 im ok now

  • OpTic Gaming BO3

    I would love to see all the old Call of Dutys here. Like literally ALL OF THEM. But maybe just like Black Ops 2 and World at War to get us started.

  • Dan

    We need Red Dead Redemption on the list, anyone agree?

  • Frankie Gee

    Streets of rage should be up there i know its on the list as well

  • RedDread

    So far, all I see is Sonic Adv. 2

  • Joe Holliday

    Several of those games are already available on the Rare Replay disk, so the list is even smaller for people who own that. How about Oblivion, Skyrim, Doom 3 BFG Edition, some Silent Hill games (I know HD collection was crap, but I’d be content with it even)?

  • Tim Stafford

    Dirt 3 isn’t on the list, it is supposed to be backwards compatible, so I don’t trust this list.

  • Skam Blammo

    Why even waste time porting Madden 16!? Like WTFH!?

    • Dominique Bryson

      They do that but leave out hangers we want

  • Skam Blammo

    This is a really disappointing first 100. Mostly lousy games. No Megaman 10, No ME3, No Fable Anniversary, no Sega Genesis Collection. Bullocks.

  • Chris Atkinson

    What would the point be in remaking the games when they can be made to to be compatible with the Xbox one it would be a waste of time and money when that same time and money can be spent making the next generation of games so COD should be backwards compatible I see dead space I have dead space 2 & 3, 3 is unopened as my Xbox 360 has stopped working so I would love to be able to compete the series the first 1 had on pc because I didn’t have and Xbox at the time but the other 2 bought for the 360 I’m pleased to see backwards compatibility being brought to Xbox one and urge the game makers to continue making new games and let the old ones be made compatible Thx

  • DB

    Im really hoping skate 3 is on that list since it seems like there wont be a skate 4

  • Taiyon Demyers

    I was really hoping to see Ultra Street Fighter 4 and/or Rock band 3 make the list.

    • TwinStripeUK

      Rock Band 3 will NEVER make the list – they’ve already said that anything that requires specialised peripherals (ie. instruments) WON’T be made backwards compatible, as it requires re-coding.

      • Adapters for existing equipment, so they will work on X1,(instruments in this case) have already been made so you never know.

  • Jay (The Truth)

    Better than I would’ve expected for the first round of games. Would be surprised to not see Skyrim added at some point. Feel like many will be disappointed though. Most of what people asked for are from a handful of publishers. Other than Ubisoft, they’ve been silent up to this point. Don’t see that changing.

    Take Two (Rockstar Games parent company) and Activision aren’t going to cannibalize their current products on the marketplace (Grand Theft Auto V, Black Ops 3, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5) for a service that they can’t make money on. They’d be more likely to save those IP’s Specifically COD) for a remake or collection at some point than support people continuing to play old versions. Safe assumption that COD on backwards compatibility will never happen. Tough to say with Rockstar games like GTA and Red Dead.


      This isn’t an official list. Mike Ybarra stated that they have not released a BC list yet.
      Plus the fact Dirt 3, Dungeon Siege 3, Castle Crashers, and others are missing proves that it’s at least an incomplete list. This was probably made up based off of the BC video released at E3.

      That said, I’d be very happy with this list (plus a few extras like Fallout NV, RDR, Skyrim, etc.).

      • Jay (The Truth)

        Yeah, I didn’t think this was everything either. I agree. With a few other 7th gen gems, this is a hell of a start for back compat. For me, Skyrim is the top ask/hope. Still a lot to do in Dragonborn DLC. Hoping for Borderlands 2 as well. Also, a lot to do in Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon’s Keep DLC. With those, Mass Effect 2 and 3, and a few fighting games (MK9/Ultra Street Fighter IV), I’m good to go. Unlikely all of those get access granted, but I’m crossing my fingers.

        • CRZYSPZ

          I still have yet to even play Red Dead Redemption and the past how many months worth of 360 GWG titles, so I’m hoping all of those carry over. I doubt Borderlands 2 will come over due to the Handsome Jack Collection, but there’s a chance! I really hope we also get the Bioshock trilogy (if the collection doesn’t happen), all the Bethesda games (DOOM, Elder Scrolls, Fallout, etc.), all the 360 Sonic games, Valve games, and whatever else I’ve forgotten.

          There are so many games we could get, it’s crazy!

        • Jay (The Truth)

          Definitely an exciting prospect, on top of all the great current gen games that have been coming out. For me, Red Dead Redemption is right there as one of (if not the) best game of last generation. Amazing story, cinematics, open world. Like GTA Vice City and San Andreas, very much a period piece. And, it’s held up very well. If made available (or not. Still have my Xbox 360 too), it’s going to be a game I keep playing.

        • CRZYSPZ

          Yep, I figured that since I picked it up on sale, I’ll play it no matter if it’s BC or not. If I need to keep my 360 till RDR is BC or till I beat it, so be it.:)