VIZIO 58-inch D58U-D3 4K LED Smart HDTV review MIA

By Alan Ng - Nov 9, 2015

We can see that once again, Vizio is going to be a very popular brand of TV to opt for throughout the busy sales period. One particular model that will be offered with a big discount is the VIZIO 58-inch D58U-D3 4K LED Smart HDTV from Sam’s Club, so now we have all the details on the model so far for you.

Right away, you will need to know that the VIZIO 58″ Class 4K LED Smart HDTV is being sold by Sam’s Club as one of Vizio’s latest models in 2015 – i.e. it’s brand new.

As a result, there are no VIZIO D58U-D3 58-inch 4K TV reviews that we can bring you yet unfortunately but we do have a full heads-up on what you will be getting.


VIZIO 58″ Class 4K LED Smart HDTV specs include a 58-inch Full-Array LED Ultra HD screen with a max resolution of 3840 x 2160.

It has a native refresh rate of 120Hz, but uses Vizio’s image technology to offer a 240 Clear Action picture along with a dynamic contrast ratio of 5 million to 1.

There are a whopping 5 HDMI ports included on this model, along with built-in WiFi and full access to Smart TV apps such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, Spotify and YouTube.


The best thing about this model is the price that it is going to be offered for in November. Rumors suggest that while Vizio are offering this on their website for $1049.99, Sam’s Club may sell for $698 if you are lucky – an incredible price drop you have to say.

For the gamers out there, this could be the dream TV that you have always wanted to enjoy PS4 and Xbox One games in the highest quality – amazing when you combine this with one of Vizio’s popular soundbars.

Let us know your thoughts on this model and whether you are interested in buying one. Once we have some VIZIO 58″ Class 4K LED Smart HDTV reviews to share we will update this.

For now, those who want further reading may want to download the VIZIO D58U-D3 TV manual here early.

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  • WC

    Does this 58″ have local dimming like the M series?

    • anon

      yes 10 zones

  • Mwiess

    Just FYI, this review is written by Sam’s club since there are no other websites that provide accurate reviews for this tv. This one was created today (November 9th) – same day Sam’s BF ad was released.

    Take care

  • gapotter

    It’s completely absurd that the photos are *just* terrible enough that you can’t confirm 4K@60Hz – and the user manual is gone / dead link. Vizio is the worst about posting specs for its TVs online. I won’t even think about buying unless it can do 4:4:4 and is HDMI 2.0 w/ HDCP 2.2

    • Kevin

      From the manual that I read after clicking the link.

      “the TV supports HDCP 2.2 technology which allows you
      to play protected content from Ultra HD players and next-gen video
      game consoles. The D-Series is built to be future proof. It will allow
      users to view Ultra HD content as it becomes readily available. See
      Connecting A Device on page 13 for more information about
      connected HDMI 2.0/HDCP 2.2 enabled devices.”

      • Andrew

        it all has to do with the hardware and software the hardware it’s conntected to, to be able to do 4k @ 60HZ and above. It shows 4k @60Hz on the back beside the HDMI connector and says best picture or best. But I can’t seem to get 4k @ 60Hz running with my PC I have a sapphire r9 290 vapor-x OC 4GB GPU, maybe it’s my graphics card or maybe it’s the software, I know it’s not the cable because I paid 79bucks for a UltraHD black platinum edition 5Ft monster cable. I paid 749 out the door for the TV at Bestbuys about a week ago. On sale for $699 which is a couple bucks more than sam’s

    • Dying_in_this_Crap_World

      4:4:4 at 1080P is a MUST, at 4k would be lovely. Also yes, it must do 60hz at 4k else it’s a worthless piece of trash. Then it must do 24p at 4k.

      • Andrew

        It’s 60Hz. I can’t seem to get 60Hz in gaming though but everything else it’s 60-120 and 240Hz

  • X D

    Yes, it looks like Sam’s may have this TV for $698 on Black Friday…