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iPad Pro pre-order price drop for added incentive

The iPad Pro release date was said to start from Wednesday, allowing people to start pre-ordering them. However, it would seem this date has been pushed back to Friday instead. We know it is only a delay of 2 days, but you will be shocked at how many people have already started to vent their anger.

Relieving that anger – There is a way to make that anger pass, and that is with an early iPad Pro price drop, You might wonder what we are on about, as a new device from Apple will never get a discount, but MacMall is doing just that.

iPad Pro price drop

MacMall ha already started to take early pre-orders for Apple’s new, larger tablet, and in doing so will reduce its cost by $12. Ok, so it is not a lot, but $12 is better in your bank that anyone else’s.

We suspect that demand for the iPad Pro will be very high in November and December, and could see record sales for the iPad, although with its higher price, this could alienate buyers.

Having already looked at the impressive iPad Pro specs, we were surprised that Apple never included 3D Touch, a feature that is exclusive to the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus.



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