FIFA 16 1.03 PS4 update notes with big changes

Following on from a surprise PS4 3.11 firmware update today, we can see that a new FIFA 16 PS4 1.03 update for PS4 on November 9 has gone live at the same time simultaneously.

We are pleased to confirm that unlike Sony’s stability update which didn’t seem to do much, this new FIFA 16 update appears to be a game changer.

EA has introduced a plethora of changes into the game and now we have the full FIFA 16 1.03 notes for you to see what has changed in the game.

Straight away, you will be happy to find out that there is going to be new kits in the game for Barcelona, Inter Milan and Roma whom all now have third kits added to the game.



Another big change is that EA has made new improvements to online matchmaking which most of you will agree is the biggest priority right now.

Hopefully you can tell us below how your experience is on 1.03 when trying to get into a game – whether it is a lot more smoother or if you still can’t get into games frequently.

Finally, there’s mention of an exploit fix for online FIFA season matches which is always welcome.

Study the notes above and let us know your thoughts on the changes below – especially if there’s some hidden changes that haven’t been mentioned.

What do you notice different in the game?



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