Fallout 4 steam countdown to release time

We are now just hours away from the glorious Fallout 4 Steam release time. We know that many have received Fallout 4 early and spoilers have hit the internet but it won’t be long until you finally have your own copy to enjoy the adventure all to yourself.

Now, we bring you a last minute heads-up on what time Fallout 4 releases on Steam in Australia, New Zealand, Germany and other time zones for those that are looking for a heads-up.

Unfortunately those in Asia will have to wait longer for some reason, as the Fallout 4 Steam release in Asia will not be until November 11 as shown in our screenshot below – Japan has to wait even longer.


Now for the rest of you, you will be able to unlock Fallout 4 on Steam very soon. This beautiful infographic gives you all the details you need for your region and how the time differences will work with the Steam release.


As you can see those on Pacific Time or Western time in areas such as Seattle will be able to play the game on Steam from 9.01pm onwards on Monday evening.

Those in New Zealand and Australia can play from 12.01 local time, as confirmed in the chart above. Let us know if you already have the game pre-loaded on Steam and if you are ready to go for the big launch.

Are you happy that you are able to Fallout 4 on PC compared to console versions?



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