Fallout 4 PS4 preload start time problems

By Alan Ng - Nov 9, 2015

We have hours to go until the official launch of Fallout 4, but we can see that many PS4 owners are still having problems with the Fallout 4 PS4 preload start time on their console.

As far as aware, there was supposed to be a Fallout 4 preload option well before launch, allowing gamers to download the files before the game goes live.

Just like the Black Ops 3 preload though, it looks like there has been problems with Sony failing to provide the download links for multiple PS Stores at the same time.

Straight away, we know for a fact that gamers in New Zealand and Australia have had issues with their Fallout 4 preload not working.


It’s obviously not ideal with the Fallout 4 preload in North America working without any problems, yet those in Europe, UK and other parts of the world have to sit and wait.

Add to that the extra frustration that a truck load of users have already received their Fallout 4 copy early ahead of the official release date, while you are sitting there trying to justify going for a digital copy over physical.

Are you in this situation at the moment with the Fallout 4 PS4 preload not starting in UK, Australia, New Zealand and other regions in Europe? Give us your status below and we’ll update this when we have more information from Bethesda to share.

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  • Jeremy

    12 hours later still trying to install download only took like 2 and a half hours wtf is wrong with this digital copy

  • Trevor

    Xbox one, having issues my fallout 4 says it’s too early to play. It’s 1:55am on the the 10th. :\ also it shows the game at 25.7 gb instead if what it should read 28.whatever I believe

    • trevor


      • Logan

        Having the same problem in Germany you get it to work?

  • Kristian Rawson

    Denmark fallout 4 pre load still not up and running.

    • Joe

      Jeg har pre-loadet uden problemer. Prøv at skifte server til sverige hvis den ikke vil starte download på dk

      • Kristian Rawson

        Ja its now downloading

        • Joe

          I’m glad to hear my fellow gamer. Enjoy

  • pawno

    Australia still not working and the game is actually out! Terrible form from Sony. Will never pre-order a game from psn again.

  • Richard Little Ginge Jones

    Guys a new psn update is out right now in the uk, after installing it started the fallout 4 download. Recommend go doing so now if you can!

    • micky

      i did this and its still not downloading :/

      • Richard Little Ginge Jones

        Have you got it set to auto-download? Try downloading it yourself just in case. Hope it works pal!

  • jmmy

    finaly working

  • Martin Headshot

    Download now everyone

  • Martin Headshot

    No fallout preload in U.K. But a tweet said should be available midday. Not confirmed as being fact (working soon) I mean

  • Kenneth Bach

    Not working in Denmark

  • Hannes Green

    Not working in Sweden either…

  • Corey Walker

    First time ive brought a digital pre order. And it will be the last. I could be at eb games now about to receive a copy

  • Iddy Wilson

    Yeah this is the last time I ever get a digital copy after this nonsense

  • Altair Ibn La’Ahad

    Also in Switzerland it isnt working. FTW is this s*it. Now im able to play it tommorow after work. I hope they will fix it before release.

  • Charlie Penfold

    Wont let me preload on ps4 im in england getting quite frustrated

  • Andrew Mccallum

    Pre ordered game on PSN so I could be one of the first to play as I live in New Zealand. Was Really hoping we coud have a day at the very least to pre-load, instead I can only now download it at midnight! What was the point I should have bought the cheaper physical copy and saved the bother.

  • Noname

    All I wanted was to play it early, I guess I got too greedy.

    This is my first and last digital purchase of a game, or anything from the playstation store.

  • Reynoldio

    Yup, waiting for the preload to start here in the UK with 13 hours to go. Thankfully my internet is reasonably quick, but I feel sorry for those with slow connections. I might become more frustrated as the hours pass!

    By the way, BlOps3 pre-installed three days early without a hitch and unlocked the moment midnight struck. I cross my fingers that this happens with FO4!

  • Michail

    In fact yeah here in Greece I have the same annoying problem….I can set it on my download list in ps application but…..but….that shiiiiiit won’t decide to start on my ps4…..let alone the fact that it doesn’t even include the download size information it just quotes ”uknown”…..
    I did terrible mistake of buying it on ps4….should have bought it for Xbox one…which until proven otherwise might even run it better than ps4 version……

    • Martin Headshot

      Erm not staring anything but it does run the same and looks better on ps4, that’s a fact not made up

      • Michail

        I hope you’re right, but until I play it I can’t have a solid opinion…as for the preload….last time I buy big titles digitally….

        • Martin Headshot

          And it doesn’t matter what’s better or whatnot, we play on what we like and enjoy it in a way we want to 🙂

        • Michail

          That’s true and I will enjoy it wherever I play it,but this preloading stuff has me really worked up and on top of that we had people all over saying how broken the FPS are….

  • Paul Walkden

    Yep my local store scrapped midnight opening due to lack of demand so I cancelled it and went for my first every digital purchase so I could have it at midnight. The pre load is not working in the UK and the shop called people and handed out the pre ordered game yesterday at 2000! Why the he’ll should I ever go digital again Sony?

  • Pingpow

    Sony are so f**king incompetent

    F U SONY!!!

  • Sirhc