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Clash of Clans Sneak Peek for TH11 update this week

It is getting to the point where Clash of Clans players are expecting Supercell to finally deliver a Clash of Clans Sneek Peek update for TH11 this week.

Many were actually expecting the CoC Town Hall 11 update to arrive last week for the Clash of Clans November 2015 update, but sadly it never happened. It has now been a week since the new Hero contest has officially ended, so we are assuming that the developer will now be ready to give out the first teases of TH11 at some point this week.

Updates usually arrive on a Wednesday or Thursday, so some may even be predicting the Town Hall 11 Sneak Peek 1 on Monday November 9 – let’s see if the developer are planning a surprise.


Along with Town Hall 11, we also have the small matter of finally revealing the new hero in CoC. Will it end up being the Master Wizard that everyone believes it will be, or will Supercell spring a further surprise?

Let us know if you agree that this is the week in which we will see the first Sneak Peek for Town Hall 11. Will you be disappointed if Supercell makes you wait another week?

Give us your last minute expectations below! We will keep you updated the minute a Sneak Peek is announced.



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