Argos down today with temporarily unavailable message

We are not too certain how long the Argos website has been down for, although we only noticed it just over an hour ago while trying to make a purchase. We had been put in a queue in order to try to get the item that we needed, although that timed out on us after five minutes.

Argos is still down as we speak, with a message saying “Sorry our systems are temporarily unavailable“. They also have a status below that states they are limiting the number of additional visitors that enter the website, just so they can help give those already on the website a good enough shopping experience.


Engineers are doing their best to get Argos back up today, although they have not given a time schedule, or just what the issue is, just that it will be up and running as soon as possible.

This is becoming a regular occurrence, as we heard reports this same issue happened yesterday, and also on November 5. Visitors to the website found that Argos were using crowd control, just like they are today.

Have you been able to get onto Argos today?



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