Black Ops 3 Split Screen fix for black bar problem

By Alan Ng - Nov 7, 2015

We have just spoke about one issue relating to Black Ops 3 Gun Game, but now we have another pressing matter to discuss with many gamers complaining about how Split Screen has been implemented in the game.

Specifically, we can see that hundreds of gamers are currently looking for answers on how to make Black Ops 3 split screen full size or make BO3 split screen fit the whole TV.

At the moment, Treyarch has delivered Black Ops 3 Split Screen with “black bars” either side of the TV screen. They have done this to preserve the aspect ratio of the game and keep the resolution from stretching.

However, it looks like gamers would rather endure a little stretching if it means making Black Ops 3 split screen full size as the black borders do seem a little strange and obtrusive as it stands.


Above is some feedback on Twitter to show you that many gamers are having the same BO3 Split screen problems at the moment. You may also want to see ongoing discussion boards on the exact issue over at Reddit and GameFAQs.

The question is, will Treyarch respond to the complaints? Many have rightly pointed out that this is a standard trait from the developer which we have seen in previous games in which Treyarch has offered co-op play.

Let us know your thoughts on this. It seems to be affecting those with 50-inch screens and above the most – would you like Treyarch to offer a Black Ops 3 update to remove the Split Screen black bars in campaign and zombies, or are you ok playing this way?

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  • cristiilousie

    I have a 42 inch tv and its the same with mine its so annoying .. Would love a update to change this and be able to have it to fit the full screen of my tv ..

  • Person

    It really doesn’t matter. It’s not super noticeable imo

  • Mt Evolution

    I have 42″ and it ia unplayable with it letter boxed please fix

  • gary

    I have 51″ tv on the wall and the viewing of the actual game screen its tiny compared to my other ps4 games..had i known this shocking trait would effect my relaxing stressless gaming i wouldnt have bought this.really i wouldnt. Its gutting after the cash and time spent for this already.succer punch hope treyarch fix this or im done with it all.

  • chantelle

    I would advice to fix the problem as it’s very irritating also when you have to sit so close to the TV just to see the enemy this ain’t good for my eyes !

  • Francine

    This split screen on Black Ops 3 is so horrible, I have a 46″ screen and the wording is so small, the black bars are very annoying and you can barely see on the split screen. They REALLY NEED TO FIX THIS PROBLEM.

  • Mark

    Yes please fix this, it is so annoying, we have 2 ps4’s in our house and there are 3 of us so we are currently fighting for who gets to play on the little 24″ as no one wants to play on the 55″ because the split screen is that bad.

  • LilJohn757

    Just purchased the game and I’m highly disappointed in the split screen. Treyarch should’ve known better then to program the game like this. Horrible, horrible job. Fix it!

  • Skaters94

    there also used to be an option to make the split screen be vertical/horizontal but they removed that a few days after release

  • Joey Bryant

    This is truly sad – were in the cusp of 2016 – virtual Reality is on the brink of mass consumer sales and we cannot determine a way to fix resolution distortion on split screen … Really ?

    • kid

      You don’t seem to understand what resolution distortion is… A screen resolution is based in aspect ratio (So, 16:9 for example) which portrays the height and width of the screen. In split-screen co-op, the screen is typically stretched to fill empty space to maibtaib fullscreen ratio. In Black Ops 3, split-screen aspect ratio is the same for both participants, so that there is no stretch.
      The issue is not a matter of needing to fix it, or even how to fix it–there are only a few options. 1) Allow the stretch (this is, in fact, distortion); 2) Enable Vertical/Horizontal options (some stretch might apply); or 3) Design the game for larger TVs and say “FU” to casual gamers.
      As it sits, they’ve chosen to prevent distortion at all, by disabling options 1 or 2. Option 3 isn’t exactly the active option, but it’s pretty close.

      • Joey Bryant

        To my illegitimate son- first of all it was a closed adoption- we chose this so you wouldn’t come back looking for your dear old man when you finally got hair on your balls; We didn’t want you , which is why we gave u up in the first place. secondly, most people arent casual gamers because in this life we have “Responsibilities” Jobs, School, Kids, Life- you, my friend should have been aborted.

        Thirdly- irrespective of the fact that issues lie in screen resolution, the fact remains those very same issues existed back in Black ops 2 and 1 yet the problem(s) were not an issue then!

        my comment was a generalized one that I wouldn’t expect a young grasshopper to understand – only that we are in the “Future” and we still don’t have the ability to fix mimiscule issues like these?

        Finally- these were all statements, Not Questions, therefore a response is not required- now that you’ve completed please do the world a favor and commit suicide. Your life is a waste if all you do is game and reply to others posts

  • FIX IT

    I can’t play for nothing I have a plasma but the enemy’s are to small to see from far away

  • A Person

    The bars are even bigger on our 32′ flat screen. It’s annoying and it makes some aspects of the game unplayable. For example, I often attempt to snipe with an Elo Sight from across the map, and trying to do that with the enemy being the size of maybe 10 pixels on my screen makes this a less-than competitive way of playing (I got one kill this way on split screen, while I go on long streaks with the whole screen). I don’t often play online unless I have the whole screen because of this. It was a major dissapointment, and with AW being my very first CoD game, I was surprised that in their copy-pasted code, they didn’t decide to remove those bars because Advanced Warfare looked fine to me. Everything was closer, and when it’s like that I forget that I’m playing split-screen at all until my brother wants to record a clip and I can’t move. On next-gen, there’s no excuse for this. If they’re afraid that they have to stretch their oh-so precious aspect ratio, just add an option in the video settings for those who like it (god knows who does anyway) and let the rest of us have our stretched and distorted full-res, no black bar split screen.

  • Moses

    Could this be fixed by going into PlayStation 4 display settings and stretching the screen manually? It would be a pain but you could do it whenever u play co op on bo3 and then change it back. The stretch option on my TV works but it cuts some of the screen off.

    • Blong Trey Lo

      noped, tried.

  • Taylor Mowat

    Despriatley need a fix for this. People need to be able to take advantage of the technology they have, not be limited by the software. Please fix.

  • Brian

    Advanced warfare did not have this issue and it was fine. Just sayin

    • HYPERTiZ

      But AW is not made by Tyrach but Sledgehammer/activision etc

  • del demner

    fix it please……….

  • Connor Blatchford


    • HYPERTiZ

      It wont. Id assume not every single tv has it. Nor may work as effectively or at all

    • Mark

      Wish my tv had that feature.

  • Faisal Nawaz

    I have a 60inch tv and its horrible!!!! Fix it.

  • Boyka

    They really need to fix this problem.
    It’s unplayable for me and my friend on splitscreen. Hope for a patch.

  • Jaecko

    Fix it! Most annoying thing ever, it is impossible to see clearly with the bars on the side

  • Alec

    I wish this would get fixed. It’s strenuous trying to see on split screen

  • Chad Jackson

    Also when trying to use LG dual play it becomes much worse as everything is crammed into a non wide screen format and blown up so everything is paper thin. Funny too as last blops game this was a feature they were proud of and now it’s not playable. I notice how much the graphics are scaled down as well and starting to believe that it wasn’t to keep the aspect ratio but it was to hide how bad the textures would look if you could see what the hell you are looking at.

  • Hayes Watson

    @@disqus_C2tLIIb3kr:disqus I directly tweeted David Vonderhaar about this but havent heard anything back… they need to listen to the people playing the game because ive heard someone got through to activision who say there is no plans of changing this… its ridiculous i play more split screen than solo because i play with my girlfriend and its completely ruining such a good game for me!

    • Phresh

      I feel the same way! My girlfriend and I are so disappointed that the split screen makes the game unplayable even on our 55″ display! It may sound ridiculous a bit but it really is hard to see. It has ruined our experience.

    • ScOott

      I’m thinking about getting a Twitter account just to spam him Till he answers .. I’m in the same situation as u,I play split screen with the wife on 55 inch TV and most of the time we just get fed up and take it turns.. We no where near spend as much time on bo3 as we would if the issue was sorted ..

  • ScOott

    Has anyone tweeted David Vonderhaar directly about this ? .. It’s really starting to annoy me, I can’t see anything when I play split screen, everything is so small..

  • Daniel

    Just make it like advanced warfare whatever the desired effect of the black bars this time around makes the game unplayable. Can’t read sh*t on a 50 inch screen how did they not notice this !?

  • Gemma Weiss

    Remove the black bars lol that’s my picture!!

  • Robert

    Remove the black bars maan !!!!

  • greg bores

    This is the worst black ops 3 ever!!! The black bars block you from seeing good at all and you can’t read nothing because everything is so small not only thats you cant see who you killed or who even killed you because you cant read micro print this needs to be fixed or ill never buy another cod black ops game again for 120 dollars i spent to get this game plus the season pass witch is another 60 that im very mad about buying the game let alone the season pass if this is not fixed im selling the game to never buy one again good job treyarch and activision for making us think we were getting something we were not ever getting a new great zombies like the last one you made that did not have shrinking screens small print and 💩 poop gaming. WE NEED A FIX ASAP BEFORE I JUST FORGET THIS GAME AND MOVE ON TO THE NEXT BEST GAME OF THE YEAR WITCH WONT BE THIS CRAP!!!

    • Yomynameisjoe

      This is the only black ops 3..

    • HYPERTiZ

      I think you meant to say black Ops series as its the only black ops 3

      The black bars while splitscreen cooperation within tyrach games were natrious for black bars;

      They should realise that unlike having the same consoles: the principle doesnt apply to tvs/monitors. I mean i sat at almost 6 feet away and i couldnt see anything without a sniper semi rifle at long range to even fight back.

      I do not know if splitscreen coop on PC has these issue as its able to dymanically scale the resolution to any it desires and spread to two screens.

  • Baris

    If someone have a solution, i would really greatefull. This really sucks.

    • Alex

      What I did was put my screen picture to widescreen. Everything else looks zoomed in before the start of the game but when the multiplayer split screen begins it will look right. only do widesrceen when playing split screen otherwise just leave it in the normal setting you use.

  • Joshua

    This aspect ratio sucks, it’s not even just the black bars.
    The resolution is really bad on split screen which makes reading text nearly impossible.

    Hope there will be a fix/option soon.

    • craig

      im playing splitscreen on a 106″ screen and its terrible.
      textures load really slow,doesnt feel 60fps and resolution looks weird.

  • Dan

    Let me think about this, YESSSSSS. Having played Advanced Warfare on split screen it was great, this looks rubbish and needs fixing now. Cant believe they made such a mistake.