Black Ops 3 Split Screen fix for black bar problem

We have just spoke about one issue relating to Black Ops 3 Gun Game, but now we have another pressing matter to discuss with many gamers complaining about how Split Screen has been implemented in the game.

Specifically, we can see that hundreds of gamers are currently looking for answers on how to make Black Ops 3 split screen full size or make BO3 split screen fit the whole TV.

At the moment, Treyarch has delivered Black Ops 3 Split Screen with “black bars” either side of the TV screen. They have done this to preserve the aspect ratio of the game and keep the resolution from stretching.

However, it looks like gamers would rather endure a little stretching if it means making Black Ops 3 split screen full size as the black borders do seem a little strange and obtrusive as it stands.


Above is some feedback on Twitter to show you that many gamers are having the same BO3 Split screen problems at the moment. You may also want to see ongoing discussion boards on the exact issue over at Reddit and GameFAQs.

The question is, will Treyarch respond to the complaints? Many have rightly pointed out that this is a standard trait from the developer which we have seen in previous games in which Treyarch has offered co-op play.

Let us know your thoughts on this. It seems to be affecting those with 50-inch screens and above the most – would you like Treyarch to offer a Black Ops 3 update to remove the Split Screen black bars in campaign and zombies, or are you ok playing this way?



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