Black Ops 3 Gun Game update to remove radar

Right away we can already see that there is a big problem with Gun Game in Black Ops 3. We’re not sure why Treyarch has put this in, but there needs to be a Black Ops 3 Gun Game update to remove radar.

When you play this mode on the new game, you can simply follow the radar to find out where everyone is. It feels like it defeats the objective of the game and takes away the challenge element – also the game seems to finish too quickly compared to previous iterations.

We can’t be the only ones who are wondering why Treyarch has done this – we certainly didn’t see auto Gun Game UAV in previous games so why start now?


Above is some live feedback from other launch players who want to see Gun Game UAV removed from Black Ops 3.

We’re sure that if enough players from the community request it, Treyarch can turn off radar in Gun Game in the next update. With this in mind, make your voices heard below if you want to see it happen.

Does anyone actually see this as a positive change to Gun Game or are we all together on this one?



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