Activeon CX HD Action Camera Vs GoPro Hero

More people seem to be using action cams now, not so much for recording footage of the crazy things some people get up to, but rather for everyday use, such as being mounted onto a Motorcycle riders helmets, or even to use them as dash cams. We would not advise using the top of the line models, as that would be a waste of their capabilities.

Thankfully, Gamestop will make things a bit more enticing for you by reducing the price of the Activeon CX HD Action Camera towards the end of November.

However, we know that there are some of you out there that have never head of Activeon, and so would like a base to compare it to, and the brand of this action camera has you covered, as they have compared the CX HD to its nearest rival in terms of price, and that is the GoPro Hero.

If you are not convinced with either of these and would rather something with a bit more to offer in terms of performance, then the page also pits the CX GOLD with the HERO+ LCD.

Activeon CX HD Action Camera Vs GoPro Hero in terms of specs – We can see that the former already has more to offer in terms of its field of view, and it also supports 30 fps at 960p, whereas the Hero does not even support that, with 720P being its best.

We have also embedded two videos for you below to see how their video footage compares. If you were thinking of the Activeon CX HD Action Camera because it offers more for less, then we suspect Gamestop will be selling it for $99.99 with a free 16GB MicroSD card.