TalkTalk updates news on hack today

It was back in October when it was all over the news about the cyber-attack on TalkTalk, which was reported to be very bad at the time. However, following an investigation, the company has said that it was not as bad as initially reported, with figures of around 4 percent of customers being affected – it was thought to be far higher.

We can understand why TalkTalk customers were waiting on news updates, and so a huge percentage are certain to rest easy following this latest update from the company today – although maybe not those 4 percent.

Talktalk hack news

Numbers had expected to be as high as 1.2 million customers, but that has been revised to 157,000 compromised customer accounts. 15,656 customers sort codes and bank account numbers were taken, and 28,000 credit and debit card numbers were also taken, although because parts of the digits were hidden, these customers should be safe.

TalkTalk are still not happy with the outcome, as they say the figure of 4 percent is still 4% too many, and so the investigation is still ongoing as to how this happened.

The company is to contact affected customers in a few days, although warn them to be vigilant of scams. You can read the full report on the official TalkTalk help page.



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