John Lewis 2015 Christmas TV ad viral once again

You can now watch the new John Lewis 2015 Christmas TV ad, as it is available to view online, and just like previous years, it has not taken long to go viral once again. People seem to look forward to the John Lewis advert each year, and while it may not focus on any one product, you have to admire how this UK retailer has created something that consumers just cannot wait to see.

This year’s John Lewis Christmas 2015 ad is called “Man on the Moon”, and is very different to ones we have seen in the past, although just as thought provoking – just as long as you look past the laws of astrophysics with the balloons in space.

The big question is, will this one make you cry, as we have seen John Lewis has a habit of touching on our heart strings? We bet the retailer hopes that it does have a good reaction to the consumer, seeing as though the commercial cost them £1 million to make.

John Lewis Christmas advert

What’s it about? – The ad starts with a girl looking though a telescope at the moon for much of her spare time – which by the way is available to purchase so a good product placement there. She then sees an old man living in a shed on the moon on his own, and so she tries many ways to contact him, which finally leads up to Christmas day with him receiving a parcel delivered on some helium balloons.

Rather than give to much away, we would rather you watch this latest Christmas ad in the video embedded below.

We have already noticed how this year’s John Lewis ad has gone viral like its predecessors, where those of you that have watched it have taken to the #ManOnTheMoon and saying things like, “Nothing makes me feel more sad than the thought of a lonely elderly person, @johnlewisretail why you always gotta make me cry?“, as well as, “I admit to shedding a tear at my desk in the office. Brilliant advert to raise awareness of loneliness.

John Lewis has also shared this ad on their Facebook page, where it has already received over 19,000 shares and over 10,000 likes and already 2,000 comments in just an hour.

What do you think of this new ad?



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