Get Black Ops 3 Cryptokeys fast for Supply Drops

For those that are just starting out with Black Ops 3, you will probably be wondering if there are Black Ops 3 Supply Drops for Multiplayer.

We are pleased to confirm that there are indeed Supply Drops in BO3, but they are locked behind the new Black Ops 3 Black Market and the Cryptokey system.

So the next question that some of you may be asking is how to get Cryptokeys fast in Black Ops 3 in order to open up Supply Drops faster.


It looks like the key is not only playing multiplayer, but being diverse in your gun selection. We have noticed that using more weapons will get you Cyptokeys faster as you will have more achievements to complete by using different weapons frequently.

You can definitely get more than one Cryptokey in a round, so it is not too bad in terms of grinding. You’ll need to pay 10 Cryptokey for a Common Supply Drop and 30 for a Rare Supply Drop.


For those that want to know what is inside Rare Supply Drops in Black Ops 3, we have a video which shows one of the first being opened for an early adopter.

Unfortunately though it is all down to RNG as usual. You can get weapon camos, weapon materials and emblem items, so let us know what the best item inside a Rare Supply Drop in Black Ops 3 that you have received so far.

Do you like the Cryptokey system in Black Ops 3 or not?



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