Black Ops 3 Nuketown code redeem not working

By Alan Ng - Nov 6, 2015

Not everyone is having the best Black Ops 3 launch experience so far. After reported problems of a persistent BO3 server error code preventing some from playing, we can now see that some gamers are saying that their Black Ops 3 Nuketown code is not working.

If you haven’t come to terms with the reality yet, the Nuketown code in UK was only available to those that pre-ordered from GAME UK.

In other words, you can’t play Nuketown by ordering from Amazon UK, Tesco, Asda or other places – GAME UK only sadly.

In the US this is different as you could gain access to Nuketown by simply pre-ordering the game, regardless of location putting further emphasis on the shady tactics deployed by Activision and GAME in the UK.


Now with that said and done, those who actually do have a Nuketown code do not want to run into problems trying to redeem it on the PlayStation Store.

We have seen some early feedback with this exact issue with one saying that the Black Ops 3 “Nuketown Personalisation Pack code is invalid”.

There’s some confirmation on this above via Twitter and also again on Activision’s official forums here with the same problem.

As far as we’re aware, there has been no response from Activision yet on what could be causing the issue.

Are you having any problems redeeming Nuketown codes on the PlayStation Store today after buying Black Ops 3? Give us your experience below.

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  • imthemommie

    Purchased the game at Christmas from Target for my son and he went to redeem the code today but it says it has already been redeemed???? Can’t get anyone to help me and PS support is not open on weekend – which is COMPLETELY stupid!!

  • Ahmed Shafei

    Just bought the game from the US few days ago, went back to my home country, placed the code, and there it is telling me the code is invalid.

  • Bayley

    Perso pack code worked fine said sending what ever it was to my account nothing came through. Pre ordered from game uk entered nuketown code said was invalid plz help.

  • Scott Docherty

    Redeemed mine worked fine downloaded the map but can’t play on it doesn’t show in game?

    • Yentl

      Same here. It doesnt show in de menu’s where u can choose a map

  • Vergenus Baker

    I’ve been trying to redeem my code for nuketown on black ops 3 ps4 but it doesn’t work. Can anyone help


      same here. and I’m from the US. been searching for a fix and seriously. nothing. wtf…. i tried everything from deleting everything and redoing it.