Black Ops 3 download live on Asia PS Store

By Alan Ng - Nov 6, 2015

While we can see that some gamers have already managed to download Black Ops 3 from the PlayStation Store without any problems, it is not the same for others unfortunately.

Spare a thought for the millions of gamers over in Asia, as it looks like the Black Ops 3 download is not even out yet on the PlayStation Asia Store.

Everybody playing from countries such as Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong all want to know “When can I download Black Ops 3” – but it looks like Sony’s PSN Asia team has been somewhat lazy in making the download available at the same time as other regions.


Right now, we can see that we can’t download Black Ops 3 from the PSN store. You can still access the pre-order page for the game but when you do that it leads to a dead link if you have already pre-ordered the game.

This is different to the listing early on Thursday when it showed the image as you can see above – letting you know which versions had been purchased.

Now the image below is what the current Call of Duty Black Ops 3 listing looks like on November 6- you can’t click anything, the previous icons have disappeared and you certainly cannot start your download.


We can see that we are not the only one having these issues as some gamers are already talking about it on the PlayStation Asia Facebook page here.

Let us also make you aware that these problems are already on top of the fact that PlayStation Asia has completely ignored a pre-load option for gamers living in Asia – complete silence on the matter too when asked why the rest of the world has it.

For now, it looks like gamers in Asia are at the mercy of Sony’s PSN Asia team when they finally decide to get to work on updating the store with the download links.

Do you live in Asia and are having the same problems right now? How do you feel about this treatment compared to gamers in US and Europe?

Update: The download is finally available in Asia! Go grab it from the Store by manually searching for Black Ops 3 – let us know how you get on and see you in game!


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  • Fallout 4 is worse… No pre-order and supposedly it’ll be available on the 11th, not the 10th…

  • NgTurbo

    Hi guys, just to let you know Black Ops 3 should be live now on the Asia store. You need to do a manual search to find it. Have fun!

  • Khaliff

    We need preload function on Asia PS Store.

  • Khaliff

    I contacted Asia PS Store support, the lady told me it will be uploaded on the store at 7pm Singapore time. I took a day off to play this game *facepalm*

    • overd

      That’s ridiculous… We could have been playing it 14 hours ago.

      • Khaliff

        I know right.. Asia PS store is famous for lack of contents and slow updates. The reason I go digital is because my ps4 is having premature eject-ulation issues.

  • Wild

    This is outrageous behaviour from playstation

  • Wild

    I pre-ordered BO3 via PSN Hong Kong still nothing I can do

  • Alaa

    I pre-ordered BO3 via PSN thailand and still i cannot get the game to download. Next time I will buy Disc games!

  • NgTurbo

    Yeah it is pretty inexcusable to say the least. The silence on the matter is the worst thing.

  • cad

    shocking, US / EU and AUS allows their players to pre-download the game days before release. WHY can’t Asia PSN do the same?