What new Widow’s Wine perk does in Black Ops 3

By Alan Ng - Nov 5, 2015

Everyone wants to know what the new Widow’s Wine perk does in Black Ops 3. We are here once again to give you some first details on this new perk, which Treyarch actually teased themselves during a recent Escape Room event.

We can tell you that the Widow’s Wine price in Black Ops 3 zombies is 4,000. While this may seem like a lot it is probably going to be stand-out best perk in BO3 zombies from now on.

Once you have it, you will be able to collect Spider power-ups from zombies that you kill. Each powerup will turn your grenades into ‘Tentacle’ grenades in Black Ops 3 which are basically mini Gersch devices that trap and kill zombies whenever they come into contact with them.


There’s also suggestions that once a zombie is trapped with the Widow’s Wine grenade, you can simply one hit kill them with a melee attack instantly.

This essentially seems like a Gersch device combined with a Monkey Bomb rolled into one and it could be the difference between getting to the latter stages of zombies once used tactically to your advantage and getting out of a tricky situation.

Once the game is live in a matter of hours, we will be able to bring you more information and of course gameplay showing the new perk in action.

At least now you have an idea though of how to use the Widow’s Wine perk in Black Ops 3 Zombies so let us know your thoughts on the new ability. Is 4000 too much for it, or does it already sound ‘overpowered’ as some early adopters suggest?

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  • Ethan

    Nah thats wrong i got the tenticle bombs out the box, no perk

    • Ryan Pendleton

      You get the tentacle bombs out of the box, yes. But you get semtex grenades from widows wine, which aslo cause the zombies to get stuck for a few seconds. It has the same effect if a zombie hits you and you have a grenade. Also, spider tokens are randomly dropped from dead zombies and you get a grenade every time you pick one up, although you can still only carry four. The perk also seems to do something to your melee attack as well, im not sure what all that does, but it leaves behind a green trail, it may cause them to get stuck too?