PS Vita Lego Mega Pack Bundle UK stock update

We can see that UK stock for the PS Vita Lego Mega Pack Bundle remains at an all-time low at the moment across many retailers in the country.

We know that many consumers want to buy the Sony PlayStation Vita Console and Lego Mega Pack Bundle with 8GB Memory Card online in the UK, but everywhere we have checked it looks like stock is completely dry right now.

The pack is highly sought after as it is an ideal Christmas gift for a young child, despite the package being old and the games being dated.

It is still a great bundle overall and one that young gamers would love to play over the Holiday period. However, PS Vita Lego Mega Pack Bundle stock at Amazon UK, Tesco, Argos and Asda are all non-existent at the moment sadly.


We’ve included an example above from the Argos listing. You can see that is available for £180, but when you go to select an area for delivery it comes back saying that it is out of stock for both collection and delivery.

It’s a similar story for the Amazon UK and Tesco listings for the product as highlighted above, while Asda do not even list the bundle any more.

This is sad to see and we can only hope that stock returns this month in time for Christmas. As soon as we hear word from any of the retailers above about stock coming back we will let you know.

Are you specifically looking to buy this package in the UK? Let us know your experience so far locating stock and if you have had any joy with a different retailer not mentioned above.



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