New Destiny Xur Nov 6 location time and items

By Alan Ng - Nov 6, 2015

We now look ahead to Friday’s big event, with fans once again wanting to know where is Xur’s location on November 6, 2015 and also an important heads-up that this week Xur’s spawn time will change compared to last week which you all need to be aware of.

We are hoping for another nice Year Two exotic, but to be honest we doubt anything will beat last week for a long time.

If you recall, Xur had a party literally for Halloween by offering the fabled Zhalo Supercell. Not only that, but he also had the Graviton Forfeit, Alchemist’s Raiment and the The Taikonaut – all fantastic options for Guardians.

What time does Xur arrive on November 6: The important thing to note that this week, Xur will arrive in the Tower at a new time. This is because Daylight Savings Time has now come to an end and it means that the new Destiny reset time on Friday November 6 is 1am Pacific Time.


That means 4am not 5am Eastern Time for Xur to arrive and 9am not 10am in the UK – which UK players should now be used to after switching back to GMT a week earlier than the US.

If you head to the Tower at the usual times you will have missed the Agent by an hour so make sure you make a note of the new times above now.

With that said and done, what would you like to see from Xur this week? List your Xur inventory predictions for Nov 6 and we will update this once we know what Xur is selling officially.

Update: Xur’s inventory for November 6 is live and it includes the Celestial Nighthawk which is well worth a purchase if you don’t have it yet. No weapon this week.

Where is Xur for November 6: By the Speaker, in the Tower!


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  • SyCO12345

    Three of coins time

  • James barrow

    Will he sell the red death

  • James barrow

    I wish xur will sell the red death or no time to explaine

    • OJ

      He will NEVER, EVER, sell the NTTE, it’s a quest reward, he’s not gonna sell the Sleeper Simulant, or the Touch of Malice

  • James barrow

    Red death please

  • NodnarbionKing

    I want him to sell nothing just so I can feel the rage of others