Bugatti Chiron release delay possibility with VW crisis

Things seem to be getting a whole lot worse for the VW Group with this whole diesel scandal. More cars seem to be under investigation, as to whether they are also using cheat software. Even though Volkswagen has set a huge sum of money aside, there are finical experts that do not believe this is enough, and as a result, the German carmaker may have to dig a little deeper.

Bugatti Chiron release delay possibility over this entire VW crisis – You might wonder what we are on about, but it’s very simple when you think about it. With Volkswagen already reporting a loss this last quarter, the first in several years, you have to wonder how long the company can keep dipping into its reserves, if they have another quarter or two like the previous one?

It’s for this very reason why we have started to hear people talk about the VW group getting rid of some of their assets. We highly doubt that Audi would be one of them, because it is a huge brand to lose, and so there are the others that are a more viable option to offload, and these are Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Porsche, SEAT and Skoda.

VW crisis

Three brands stand out right away, and those are Bugatti, Lamborghini and Porsche. The three are less likely to make the most money for them, although the first two are sure to be higher up on that list.

If this is the case, then the likelihood of the Bugatti Chiron being released early in 2016 is looking a lot less likely. This is because Volkswagen has always made these vehicles at a loss, and this is something they just cannot afford to do in this current climate. So, they could either choose to get rid of another two car brands, and still release the Veyron successor, or sell Bugatti and let it become someone else’s problem.

The only issue here is the fact that the project is well under way, with Chiron models already out being tested, and due for an early 2016 release. This is truly a huge dilemma for VW.



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