Black Ops 3 servers down with A.B.C launch error

With many gamers having received their copy of Black Ops 3 early, naturally many will be heading online to enjoy a taste of multiplayer before Treyarch goes live globally on November 6.

However, the problem with this is that Treyarch will always be making tweaks to ensure that launch goes smoothly and already we can see that the Black Ops 3 servers are down on November 5 – which we’re guessing is due to last minute preparations.

Confirmation of Black Ops 3 servers down on PS4 and Xbox One today can be seen on Twitter here, while we can also see that some of you are specifically getting a rather strange message popup – a Black Ops 3 server Error code “A.B.C.-.-.F.G.-.-.-.K.-.-.N.-.-.Q.-.S.-.-.-.-.X.-.-.” along with the Black Ops 3 “server is not available at this time” message.


This error has already been showing for several users, as there’s already a topic that has been set up about it over on the Activision forums.

Obviously it isn’t a big deal with servers being down before the official launch, but hopefully once the clock goes past midnight everything will be smooth again.

We want you to use this thread to tell us when the Black Ops 3 servers have any problems in your region after launch in a few hours time.

For those with early copies, can you confirm that you received the same error above to give us an idea on how widespread it is?

Update: Remember that when the Black Ops 3 servers are down in US, UK and other regions, you can check the official Black Ops 3 server status page here – it’s a good idea to bookmark it to keep yourself updated.



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