Black Ops 3 servers down with A.B.C launch error

By Alan Ng - Nov 6, 2015

With many gamers having received their copy of Black Ops 3 early, naturally many will be heading online to enjoy a taste of multiplayer before Treyarch goes live globally on November 6.

However, the problem with this is that Treyarch will always be making tweaks to ensure that launch goes smoothly and already we can see that the Black Ops 3 servers are down on November 5 – which we’re guessing is due to last minute preparations.

Confirmation of Black Ops 3 servers down on PS4 and Xbox One today can be seen on Twitter here, while we can also see that some of you are specifically getting a rather strange message popup – a Black Ops 3 server Error code “A.B.C.-.-.F.G.-.-.-.K.-.-.N.-.-.Q.-.S.-.-.-.-.X.-.-.” along with the Black Ops 3 “server is not available at this time” message.


This error has already been showing for several users, as there’s already a topic that has been set up about it over on the Activision forums.

Obviously it isn’t a big deal with servers being down before the official launch, but hopefully once the clock goes past midnight everything will be smooth again.

We want you to use this thread to tell us when the Black Ops 3 servers have any problems in your region after launch in a few hours time.

For those with early copies, can you confirm that you received the same error above to give us an idea on how widespread it is?

Update: Remember that when the Black Ops 3 servers are down in US, UK and other regions, you can check the official Black Ops 3 server status page here – it’s a good idea to bookmark it to keep yourself updated.

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  • Corey N

    Every time a new game is released there is some sort of server problem. I got so fed up with game launches I wont even attempt to play a new game until day 3. You would think these billion dollar company’s would prepare better KNOWING there’s going to be problems.

  • mubarak saeed

    i had same problem now it fixed ,just change the internet settings to WI-FI dont use wired connection and wait for 1 minute in first screen and it wil update to it work belive me . @captinomanii

  • Dale Squid

    picked up my copy nearly 12 hours ago now, and abc still wont let me play. great work…

  • Ryan Salters

    It let’s me online now but can’t join zombie matchs getting teal aggravated

  • Norman Velasquez

    well it already started on its own…

    • Max Ekren

      it work for you?

  • Ryan Salters

    Restart your ps4 and wait at x screen for 1 minute and it will start

    • Norman Velasquez

      i already tried that and it didnt work

      • Ryan Salters

        I had to do it about 4 times for it to work

        • Norman Velasquez

          Does not work. same error message.

  • Ryan Salters

    Well it finally work for me

    • Norman Velasquez

      what did you do? or did it start on its own.

      • Ryan Salters

        I had to restart ps and set at x screen for 1 minute and then I hit x and it worjed

  • Ryan Salters

    I’m down also in wv
    Iv tried every fix that’s been posted but still no go on Internet connection

  • Norman Velasquez

    servers are down also on houston texas, nothing will work. bought online and i was expecting the best experience and started with the worst.

    • Max Ekren

      Same this sucks!

      • Norman Velasquez

        it does my friend. this was unexpected.

  • Max Ekren

    Nothing working and the whole wait till the changes didn’t work as it never changed. HELP!

  • ryan

    Indiana down
    Try pressing r2 at press x to start that worked for me

  • Akienous

    Easy fix I had to reset my router and cable modem for good measure and then made sure the game was closed out entirely and then relaunch the game. It started a download and after that I was on. I am on the PS4 I have no clue if this will work on Xbox.

  • iSUCK

    this sucks

  • Jacobpuncher

    indiana error code right now.

  • Jacobpuncher


  • iSUCK

    no no nooooo!

  • Galen R. Lee

    Just what in the loading screen like Peter said but for me the version didn’t change, I just waited for about a min then it worked

  • Tyler Handley-Floyd

    kinda pathetic how a multi billion dollar generating company cant even have some decent servers with three years development period and backing from activision

  • n/a

    I have the “error” or eve (early) b (b****) beverages (rages). Basically it’s early b**** early rages. Got it thanks. Servers are down for legit buyers on PSN.

    • n/a

      It’s early be, early rages.

      • n/a

        Oh ok, ambiguous. Got it.

  • Yang

    ot working here in texas i preorded and downloaded campaign works not online

  • Ivan

    In California same error code! Wtf!!!

  • Galen R. Lee

    Not working in norther California ABC error code appering, even have tried port forwarding and everything

  • Bob

    No good…Montréal, Canada

  • claire

    Not working in Washington. Waited on main screen but code would not change over

  • NgTurbo

    BO3 servers just got hit again.. anyone else?

  • Peter Yates

    Guys try the fix i posted below

    • Geoff Pennell

      This worked for me! Took about 30 seconds though. Sit on the front screen, don’t press X. Just sit and watch the version change. Then online works

  • Shaun

    I have the same problem australia

  • Tyrone Broad

    I am getting the Error code “A.B.C.-.-.F.G.-.-.-.K.-.-.N.-.-.Q.-.S.-.-.-.-.X.-.-.”
    United Kingdom.

  • Steffen

    I have the same problem. Denmark

  • Peter Yates

    Ok found a fix for me dont know if its gonna work for yous but when the activision logo appears then the main screen saying press x to start. In the top righr corner there is a version number wait about 10 seconds or so and it changes to then works perfect to connect everytime

    • Thrillzz Pleaser

      Not really 10 second but 2 mins and yes it does work

  • John

    Glasgow Scotland

  • Peter Yates

    I just had success by deleting my game and reinstalling the patch. Worked till i turned the console off now getting error code again

    • John

      It’s not workin for me and said I might loose saved progress but my dad is a powerful lawyer and rich so that will set trearch straight

  • Anthony De Canck

    Same belgium

  • Jonathan Trent

    fleetwood england

  • Karl

    Birmingham England

  • Karl

    I have this but my mate doesn’t?

  • Ben Grist

    Same in Wolverhampton

  • Sam

    Yeah same here (London, England)

  • Lieuwe

    Same Netherlands

  • Blade

    i have same error ( Croatia )

  • Blops33

    Still the Error in Switzerland.. (After Midnight!)

  • Hahar

    Belgium same error

  • Daniel

    I have this same error (Australia)

  • Lola Sherif

    Egypt too. same error

  • Dizzi_jems94

    Same Error (French)

  • Alex MG

    Same Error (Spain)

  • b10

    Same Error (Switzerland)

  • Carnifex

    Germany here. Worked this afternoon and did some good campaign progress. Now i get the above error and can’t resume my campaign.

  • Peter Yates

    Mines currently doing tried multiple things to fix it but still getting error code in australia

    • Cyghost

      Try going to Settings, network, advanced settings, alternate mac address and clear… Worked for me, hope it helps.