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Asus ZenPad 7-inch Z170C Android Tablet price confusion

Are you tired of looking around to find that ideal 7-inch Android tablet, but do not want to pay over the odds, then may we suggest the Asus ZenPad Z170C, which was a rhetorical question by the way. It’s very easy to forget just how cheap this tablet is when looking at its modern looking design, with its simple, clean look.

What we do find strange is how Meijer is due to sell this Asus ZenPad 7”, 16GB Android Tablet for $99 this month, when we know that is $6 more expensive than you can currently get it on the Asus website.

Asus ZenPad price

We have looked at the different models available in the U.S, going by the same specs, and the price just does not add up. This means we would advise you to go direct to Asus US, as you not only save money, but also know you will have far better support if anything goes wrong.

Suppling its performance is a 1.2GHz Intel Atom processor, which is something else that confuses us, as the one that will be on sale for a more expensive price later this month at Meijer has the 1.1GHz version of this processor, so a slower clock speed. However, everything else seems the same, such as the 1GB of RAM, Android 5.0 Lollipop, and its front and rear-facing cameras.

Upon reflection, we feel that the retailer above is selling the 2014 model, and so you just need to be wary of this so-called deal.



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