Argos down after Crowd Control countdown timer

We can see that is down on November 5 at the moment after the UK retailer came under increased traffic as shoppers look to pick up their Christmas gifts early.

Prior to the Argos website not working, we noticed that the retailer put up an image which said that they had started to use their ‘Crowd Control’ system, putting consumers into an online queue to access the website.

We’re guessing that this is also going to be the plan over the busy Christmas period, but now you get a taste of what could happen once Argos come under heavy traffic.


If you log into Argos now, you may see a frequent “Sorry our systems are temporarily unavailable” message – as the queue image above seems to have been replaced by that.

Let us know your status at the moment if you are trying to go on Argos now but can’t in your area. We’ll look for official status updates from the retailer and update you as necessary.



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