Street Fighter 5 DLC character leak includes Urien

We have some juicy information for Street Fighter 5 fans now, as it looks like we have the confirmed Street Fighter 5 DLC characters early thanks to a leak from the beta.

Unsurprisingly, the PC version is to blame once again as dataminers have once again plucked out information before Capcom has had the chance to unveil it publicly.

We had a feeling that this would happen and so did a lot of you – now it has happened and we have as many as six Street Fighter 5 DLC characters to reveal.

Assuming that the information contained in the code is real which we guess it is, then Uriel, Balrog, Alex, Guile, Ibuki and Juri are coming to the game.


Before you get upset that Guile isn’t included in the base roster, we hear that all six of these characters will be unlockable with Fight Money – which you can earn in game by winning fights and completing other challenges.

It’s true that you can spend money to earn Fight Money quicker, but the fact that you can still grind it out makes this a very exciting prospect in our opinion.

Also, bringing Urien back into Street Fighter 5 from SF3 is very exciting too and we can see that many of you are currently pumped up about this on social media.

Let us know your thoughts on the six characters leaked early as DLC – are you happy to see the likes of Urien and Alex coming back into the limelight?



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