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Sony XBR55X900C 4K UHD TV review for insight

It’s that time of year where we start to look a lot more closely at TVs, and while a huge percentage of you will be looking for cheap televisions, there are those of you that will be considering more expensive models that make use of the latest technology, and the Sony XBR55X900C 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD is a fine example of that.

Before we look into this model, we thought you should know that the perfect Blu-ray player to go with this is the BDPS6500, as it features 3D, along with 4K Upscaling and built-in WiFi and has been updated for 2015.

Sony XBR55X900C 4K UHD TV review for insight

Before you even consider parting with such a huge sum of money, you might want to consult a Sony XBR55X900C 4K UHD TV review or two. We have come across a video review for you that lasts for just under 9 minutes, and so you get to find out just what this model is all about, and they make a note about just how thin this model really is.

Another extensive review can be found on LCDTV Buying Guide, where they cover all the main specs and features, and offer their overall rating, which does get a high score.

However, to truly get a better review insight, then you really need to read user reviews, as they are the most honest from people that have actually parted with the money, and lived with the Sony XBR55X900C. Amazon has 24 consumer reviews, and from what we see, these reviews are a mixed bag, as many of you seem to complain about the light bleed being so bad.

Do you plan on buying this model over the Holiday season, if so we know that the likes of Amazon has some great deals running?



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