Proscan PLT9650G 9-inch Tablet with Android 5.1

By Alan Ng - Nov 4, 2015

We have a look at one tablet now which is confirmed to be selling for a significantly lower price over the busy sales period. It comes from Proscan and now we take a look at the Proscan PLT9650G 9-inch tablet with Android 5.1.

As far as we’re aware, this is a brand new tablet from Proscan since it comes with the latest version of Android operating system.

With this in mind, there appears to be next to no information on this tablet at the moment, nor are there any professional Proscan PLT9650G 9-inch Tablet reviews online yet.

The Proscan 9-inch Tablet with Android 5.1 specs that we have so far however include a 9-inch display with a quad-core processor, 512MB of RAM, WiFi and 8GB of internal storage.


Although not specified clearly, we are assuming that this tablet also has a 800 x 600 display resolution along with a front camera for video chat.

We have seen that the Proscan 9″ Tablet w/ Case & Keyboard usually has a price that is just under $200 but for the sales period you will be able to find it for well under $100 which is a bargain.

We predict demand for this Android 5.1 tablet is going to be extremely high so let us know if you are interested in it. Once we have more details on this tablet we will update this with additional information for you, but share any details you find below.

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  • Gina-Marie Stokes-Gelinas

    I have received as gift… how do i override password when unknown?

  • Judith

    I have PLT9650G (K-1GB-8GB) I can never count on it picking up the internet. I take it to the server rep and he gets it up again, but a few days later, I’ve lost the internet again. “Launcher3” doesn’t work. This tablet is useless unless I can use the internet on a regular basis