Next iPhone in 2016 expected with 3 size options

By Peter Chubb - Nov 4, 2015

There had been rumors to suggest that the iPhone 6S would come in three size options, but those were put to rest once Apple revealed its new models, and the smaller, 4-inch version was not one of them. However, even though we are still 10 months away from the release of the next iPhone in 2016, this has not stopped fresh rumors of there being 3 size options.

It seems funny that KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes that his research tells him that we will finally see Apple go back to a 4-inch model in 2016, and could be more of an update to the iPhone 5S, rather than be called a smaller, budget iPhone 7.

4-inch iphone 7

There is still a demand for a 4-inch iPhone, although there is a fear that Apple could dilute its range too much. Having said that, some people just want a smaller phone and so we have seen some choose not to upgrade, or even worse for Apple, jump ship and head to Android instead.

Kuo is predicting that while the iPhone 7 could come with the A10 chip, this four-inch model may make use of the A9 chip instead, which supports our theory that it will be more of an upgrade of the 5S. This model will also lack 3D Touch according to Kuo as well.

Do you really think there is a demand for a smaller iPhone once again? If so, then please feel free to add your opinions below.

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  • Admir Karalic

    Apple, is enough, you should stop making different sizes and start focusing on Battery capacity and power, you’re the only Company I know, that went full size like and android phone, but didn’t upgrade the battery capacity, even with the latest phones reduced it…