New Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer from D23 delay

By Alan Ng - Nov 4, 2015

The Kingdom Hearts 3 event in Japan at D23 Expo is now over and right now everyone is waiting for Square-Enix to release the new Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer from D23.

It was shown to attendees from the event and rumor has it that it would be uploaded online in the early hours of Wednesday morning or late night on Tuesday November 3.

If you have been following this, you may have heard that the KH3 D23 2015 trailer release time was allegedly supposed to release at 10pm Pacific and 1am Eastern Time.


However that time has now passed and there is no new KH3 trailer in sight. We don’t know when the new Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer will be out at this point officially, or if Square-Enix has decided that they will wait until Wednesday instead to upload it.

Regardless of that though, it appears that many fans are upset about this. Was it the case of a rumor feeding everyone false information via social media and the fact that Square-Enix never publicly stated release times?

Let us know if you are waiting for the trailer to drop now and we will upload the trailer here once it is available. Are you upset that no release date was announced either?

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  • joe

    I am so mad at square they know we’re mad about the trailer! If we don’t get it by the end of November, I will flip my kitchen table, and I’m not jk’in!

  • Dennis

    Personally I am getting rather pissed off with square enix

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    no duh I’m waiting I want it NOW!

  • CharlesMabe

    …I need more affection than you know.

  • zanker100