List of all Black Ops 3 Prestige Emblems

With just hours to go until Black Ops 3 is live officially, we can now bring you more early insight by taking a look at a list of all Black Ops 3 Prestige Emblems in the game.

Based on information gathered so far, it looks like there are 11 of them in total, split between 10 standard prestige badges and one final Black Ops 3 Master Prestige Emblem.

All look pretty epic in our opinion and you can take a look at them below thanks to the image which is currently doing the rounds on Twitter by user AkaCanine.


COD YouTuber Ali-A has also already started to reveal the BO3 Prestige Emblems below with a video – although it’s interesting to note that the designs vary slightly.

We have added that below and it looks like that video hasn’t been removed so Activision seem to be ok with fans knowing the Prestige Emblem designs early.

Check out the designs and let us know what you think of them this year – how good does that master prestige badge for Black Ops 3 look?

If we are incorrect with any the designs, feel free to let us know in the comments – this is just a heads-up to the community from us.

Update: The designs are real as Treyarch as revealed them now on Twitter!



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