Black Ops 3 Civil Protector aka GI Unit in Zombies

We again have some juicy information for you now ahead of the Black Ops 3 global release this week. It looks like Treyarch has put a nice surprise inside Zombies mode this year by putting the GI Unit scorestreak into Zombies!

This is going to be officially known as the Black Ops 3 Civil Protector in Zombies. Like the GI Unit, this is a robot which is designed to assist you in battle and it looks like the Civil Protector is going to help kill those zombies when you have your back against the wall.

Details on how to get the Civil Protector in Black Ops 3 zombies is slim at the moment, but you can see a screenshot below from Twitter showing the robot in zombies mode – note that this is from the Spanish version of the game received early.

While we can definitely see the similarities with the GI Unit having played the Black Ops 3 beta extensively, some of you may argue that the Civil Protector could also be a throwback to the Bus Driver on the Tranzit Zombies map from Black Ops 2.


Either way, this is another amazing idea for Black Ops 3 zombies and we’re sure most of you are going to love this new feature.

Once we have more details on the Civil Protector in BO3 Zombies, we will share them with you. For now though we don’t have long until launch so give us your reaction to this early information below.



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