Secret Black Ops 3 Nightmare Zombies gameplay leaked

It looks like we one of the secrets of Black Ops 3 has already leaked ahead of the November 5 launch. Footage has arrived online, appearing to confirm that there is going to be a Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Nightmares zombies mode, which is unlocked after completing the main Black Ops 3 campaign mode.

Details are slim at the moment as you can expect, but we have already seen a few screenshots and it certainly looks promising at this point.

These screenshots have all been removed from various sources such as Reddit and YouTube, adding strength to the fact that one of Treyarch’s secrets has been rumbled before launch.

As a result, we are not going to be providing the links to leaked Black Ops 3 Nightmare gameplay – you’ll have to find them yourselves.


The information that we have so far though, suggests that this mode is available after completing campaign. Once you do, you get to play through the game again but with one major difference – all normal enemies have turned into zombies!

Based on feedback from other gamers, Treyarch may have even added new story elements and objectives within this mode making it entirely different to the first campaign playthrough – amazing if so in terms of adding longevity to the campaign.

Black Ops 3 is going to be launched soon, so we will soon be able to talk about this in greater detail. For now, give us your reaction to the early rumors of a Black Ops 3 Nightmare zombies mode – are you excited?



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