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New Vizio D65U-D2 and D5OU-D1 price tweaks

Are you on the market for a new TV, because if so we know that a huge percentage of you will be waiting until later this month for when the Holiday sales for 2015 truly kick in? We have come across two TV models that you may wish to consider, and these are the Vizio D65U-D2 and D5OU-D1.

Before you get too excited about what we are about to tell you, we have to say that these models will only be available from Sam’s Club on November 14 during its one-day Doorbuster sales event. We already know there is a PS4 bundle being sold on that day as well, but we are more interested in those two TV models above.

Vizio D65U-D2 specs

The new Vizio D65U-D2 price will be $998, a saving of $498. There will be a minimum of just 5 of these per Club, and to make life easier, the order number is 652898.

As for the Vizio D5OU-D1 price, this will be reduced to $498, a saving of $230 on the 14th of November. If you want to order this online on that date, then just type in order number 652860.

Here are more details on the Vizio D65U-D2 and D5OU-D1 TVs, such as their specs and main features.

If you are not yet a Sam’s Club member, then you might want to rush your membership through now, as you will then have a greater chance at grabbing a bargain during November.



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