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Lenovo Y50 59445892 Vs UHD 59445753 specs comparison

November is a very special month for consumers, as they have many decisions to make about what gifts to buy people for Christmas, while also treating themselves as well. Thankfully, things are made that bit easier with a certain event ready to start at the end of the month, allowing these consumers to save a small fortune.

We have come across two products that you might want to think about, as they are part of Lenovo’s Holiday Season sales event, which is already live. The two products in question are the Y50-70 59445892 and UHD 59445753 gaming laptops.

Lenovo Y50 Specs

The reason we thought we would compare the two is because they are part of the same family, although one is geared more towards those that demand more when it comes to playing games.

However, rather than write all the specs down in a very similar way to many of the other websites out there, we thought it would be far easier for you to study the two images above and below. The one above is for the Lenovo Y50 59445892, whereas the image below covers the UHD 59445753 specs.

Lenovo Y50 UHD price

It’s clear to see that most of the differences are with the graphics and the display. Having said that, the price is the biggest difference. The Lenovo Y50 price is $979.00, marked down from $1,599.99 with the DBY508921029 eCoupon, and the Lenovo Y50 UHD price has dropped from $1,799.99 to $1,199.00 by using the DBY507531029 eCoupon code.

These are not the only Lenovo laptops on offer in this Pre-Black Friday sale, so head to the official store to see what other deals have become available.



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