Buy Black Ops 3 The Giant, Nuketown map separately

By Alan Ng - Nov 3, 2015

For those that have yet to pre-order Black Ops 3, the biggest question that remains to be answered is if you can buy the Black Ops 3 ‘The Giant’ and Nuketown maps separately as a standalone purchase.

It also appears to be the one question that Activision are so far unwilling to answer for the time being – for obvious reasons. The Black Ops 3 pre-order bonus maps are extremely big sellers and we can see that straight away with many retailers charging a higher price for the retail version with Nuketown attached.

The Giant zombies map meanwhile can only yours on Day One by either getting a Collector’s Edition of Black Ops 3 such as the Juggernog Edition or buying the Black Ops 3 Season Pass.

Without these expensive versions of the game, you can’t get The Giant and many gamers feel that this is unfair – then again business is guess.


We are predicting that both The Giant and Nuketown will be available as a separate purchase, but we have a feeling that they won’t be available for many weeks.

After all, there is going to be a huge backlash if Activision do put them up on the store shortly after launch – since gamers are paying a lot of money for these luxuries.

Where do you stand on the big pre-order map bonuses, which is obviously a money spinner for Activision? Are you willing to wait it out in the hope that they become available separately?

Let us know your plan of action for Black Ops 3 this year and whether you have just bought everything possible already.

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  • Robert Roff

    This franchise is ridiculous. Why dont people just release full games anymore? Why do you have to pay for the same game multiple times? These maps are already made and ready to go. Why release them seperately? I mean really how much work went into remaking the same freaking map 45 times with updated textures?

  • Jim Peterson

    I hate it. None of the stores near me actually do preorders, they’re just department stores. So when I buy preorders I do it online. But since the game is coming out on a Friday, if I bought it online I wouldn’t have gotten it until next week and would not have had it for the weekend, which is the only time I can play. So it was either get the Nuketown map but not be able to play until a week later, or get it today and play it this weekend without.

    • sadisticyellowman

      jim , i feel you man. Going through the same exact problem !! 🙁