Kingdom Hearts 3 live stream for Japan D23 Expo 2015

By Alan Ng - Nov 2, 2015

We are almost ready for D3 Expo 2015 this week, which can only mean one thing to everyone watching in the US and UK – fresh Kingdom Hearts 3 news.

Fans are bracing themselves for a potential Kingdom Hearts 3 release date announcement and now we have a heads-up as to whether there is going to be an official D23 Live stream for you to watch the action live from Japan as it happens on stage.

Unfortunately, just like the Anaheim D23 Expo earlier this August it looks like Square-Enix are not planning on offering a live stream for Japan D23 Expo on November 3.


We are just hours away from the event and Square-Enix has not released any details on a live stream so we presume that just like the event in California we will have to wait for the trailers to appear shortly after.

Of course, things could change and we may well be surprised from now until Wednesday. Hopefully there will be a live stream but at this moment it is looking unlikely.

Kingdom Hearts 3 news has been confirmed for the event, as well as some brand new KH3 gameplay shown to the audience as well. Let us know if you would like a live stream for the event or if you are already prepared to read through live blogs on November 3.

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  • Hayley Morgan

    if there is a live stream how are we going to watch it

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    Live stream obviously

  • orangeluigi

    Yes, do a live stream please!

  • Linka Skyloft

    Live Stream Please!!!

  • Chris


    • Chris

      Unfortunately official rules say no photos/videos/streams, and to refrain from social media until 5pm JPN time (3am EST). ( ;-;)

  • Just a guy


  • Adriana

    Please, a live stream!

  • Virtanen

    A live stream! PLEASEE!!!

  • Raygirl