Fallout 4 leaked gameplay from Reddit spoils fun

Fallout 4 does not launch until November 10, but again we are amazed to see that there are many individuals who already have their copy earlysomehow.

Unsurprisingly, these users have now wasted no time in uploading Fallout 4 leaked gameplay to Reddit using links other than YouTube which is regularly being shut down.

Bethesda won’t be happy to see that many users have the game in their hands already, but then again this kind of thing always happens with such a major game release.


Over one week in advance though is pretty staggering either way you look at it. The Fallout 4 leaked gameplay link on Reddit is here, but be warned that you risk spoiling the game for yourself and obviously viewing gameplay that isn’t in the highest quality in some cases.

Still though we know some of you want to get a heads-up on the game prior to release so now this is your chance if you are quick.

We can’t say for sure how long these links will be active – if you do take a look at them, give us your thoughts on what you see without spoiling.



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