Black Ops 3 Tesco, ASDA pre-order with no Nuketown

By Alan Ng - Nov 2, 2015

With the Black Ops 3 UK release date set for Friday November 5, we wanted to give you a final reminder that you cannot get the Nuketown map by buying Black Ops 3 from Tesco or ASDA.

We notice that many gamers appear to have forgotten that in the UK, the Nuketown map pre-order bonus is exclusive to GAME UK.

In other words, you can’t get Nuketown by pre-ordering from Amazon UK either – you have to buy the game from GAME UK otherwise you will miss out on Nuketown.

Many console owners are not very happy about this, especially given that there are no such restrictions in the US. You can pre-order Black Ops 3 from both Amazon and GameStop in the US and still get your Nuketown map pre-order code.


Has Activision sold their sold to the devil by effectively shutting out the competition knowing that gamers will be forced to cough up to get the map from GAME UK?

It’s worth pointing out that GAME are charging £49.99 for Black Ops 3 with Nuketown, a lot more expensive than the likes of Tesco who will be offering it for £42 without the map – prices compared here.

It’s also not the first time that GAME UK has resorted to these kind of tactics – they did the same thing with Mortal Kombat X in the UK by locking down the version that came with pre-order bonus character Goro, then charged more for it.


Let us know your thoughts on this. Did you not realise that Black Ops 3 orders from Tesco, Asda and any other place other than GAME will not come with Nuketown?

Are you angry about the situation?

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  • Christian G Taylor

    Not only exclusive to game in the UK – I got 2 for £55 with nuketown on xbox marketplace works out £27.50 each. Also another disappointing Call of Duty , Yet more maps for Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare it seems , very lazy updates for the last 7 years. Surprised everyone falls for the same online game every year . Poor effort Treyarch.

  • Andrew Shabbadoo Glibbery

    this so annoying,ive been scouring the internet trying to solid answers to this situation for ages, £13.00 dearer from XBL store as well for those that prefer a digitl download (with Nuketown).Ilive right next to a 24hr Tesco’s and Sainsburys and both are opening formidnight release. im not driving into the city centre to Game midnight, meaning i either have to dig even deeper and fork out for the extra coin for XBL stores or get a Nuketownless edition. Boo hiss Poor show….