Marvel Future Fight New Hero Chest 3-6 star odds

By Alan Ng - Oct 30, 2015

The Halloween Future Fight patch is now live and straight away we can see that there is a lot of discussion on the new Hero chest in Future Fight which offers a 3-6 star hero for 500 crystals.

As you can imagine this is highly tempting for many players and everyone wants to know the Future Fight new hero chest 3-6 opening odds before they go ahead and drop those precious crystals.

Luckily, we can already bring you some insight on this by showing you the type of luck that players have had trying to get a 6-star hero from that chest.


The early signs are not encouraging though. In the video which we have added for you below, one player spends 6,000 crystals and his results are only three star heroes and two four star heroes.

That means no 5-star or 6-star heroes in 12 spins. We had heard some reports that some players had received a six star Black Panther and a six star She-Hulk from this chest, but the odds appear to be extremely slim – probably akin to the premium cover piece chest odds if we were to guess.

Watch the video below, then tell us your own luck so far with opening this chest for 500 crystals. Have any of you managed to get lucky and pick out a 5-star or even 6-star from this chest?

On a side note: What are your overall thoughts on the Halloween update?

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  • Alex

    I bought the x5 chests for 2000 crystals. I received 4x 3* characters and 1x 4* character. One thing to note, the biometrics they give as a bonus if we already have the character is less than the biometrics it would take to get to a 3* . It makes sense not to buy 1 and 2 * characters from farming and just save the biometrics until after getting the character from a 3*-6* chest.