GTA 5 Online servers down with Files Required error

The worst thing to happen during a Halloween GTA V update, is for the GTA 5 servers to go down today. That’s exactly what has just happened, with Rockstar confirming on the server status page that there are definitely issues at the moment.

We have had many reports coming in within the hour, with users complaining that they can’t play GTA Online right now due to the error: “Files required could not be downloaded from the Rockstar games service”.

This isn’t a new error for GTA Online, but it is the first time that we have seen it bring down the GTA V servers for a while.


Confirmation of Rockstar’s official server status with GTA V servers down on PS4, Xbox One and PC on October 30 can be seen here, along with some live Tweets from users also revealing the problems.


We are looking for a reason why GTA Online is not working at the moment and we will update this article once we find answers. Again, it is not ideal with the Halloween Surprise content for GTA Online having only just gone live.

Is GTA Online down for you right now in your region? Report your status below.



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