GTA 5 Halloween DLC Flashlight, Masks missing

Rockstar has finally unveiled the GTA 5 Halloween Surprise DLC that everybody knew in advance was coming due to prior leaks. However, we can see that there’s a problem straight away as many players are reporting that their GTA 5 Flashlight and Halloween Masks are missing and gone from the inventory after purchasing them.

We have evidence to show you of this now, along with confirmation that Rockstar’s Support boards are now flooding up with similar messages of GTA V Halloween DLC content missing from inventory after buying the new items.

As we told you well in advance, the new GTA 5 flashlight is needed for the Adversary Slasher mode which Rockstar has now activated in-game allowing players to take on a shotgun-wielding maniac armed with just their flashlight.


As you can see from live feedback above though, these items are strangely going missing from the inventory once bought.

We’re not sure what is causing it either and it looks like Rockstar has not yet issued an official statement on this matter.

What we do know is that players are unhappy spending money on these items over and over and they are still disappearing each time.

As we wait for more answers on this, tell us if this problem is happening to you on your gamewhat platform are you playing on and how much money have you spent re-buying the Halloween flashlight and Masks?



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