Destiny Zhalo Supercell review after Xur special

It looks like Xur didn’t bring a specific Halloween rated surprise this year, but we can confirm that he does have an amazing inventory for Oct 30.

RNG has been triumphant this time as Xur is selling the highly sought after Zhalo Supercell Exotic Auto Rifle. As a result, we can now bring you a Destiny Zhalo Supercell review to see if the Zhalo Supercell is worth buying from Xur today and for future sales.

Straight away, you should definitely buy this without thought if you don’t have one already. It costs 23 strange coins and is considered one of the best primary weapons in Destiny for PvE in the entire game.


It’s one of the new Year Two exotics with The Taken King expansion and it’s quite amazing to see that Xur is offering one to the entire playerbase right now – and over Halloween too which is typical.

Special Zhalo Supercell perks include Persistence, Bolts from the Blue and Zhalo Supercell itself which can chain lightning when enemies are close together.

We’ve picked out one useful Zhalo Supercell reviewing Destiny which we think you will find helpful. Players have literally been waiting for this exotic to appear in Xur’s inventory for weeks and it almost feels like the week when he finally offered the Gjallarhorn again.

Check out the review and leave your own thoughts on the weapon. People say that it’s the best new auto rifle in Destiny – would you go along with this or not?



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