Destiny Graviton Forfeit review for Evade Hunters

Xur has an amazing selection of exotics to buy this week from The Taken King expansion. One of these is the Graviton Forfeit exotic helmet for Hunters – arguably one of the best looking helmets in the game.

It has an amazing design, but even better perks if you are a hunter and have the Nightstalkers subclass unlocked. We have one of the popular Destiny Graviton Forfeit reviews to share with you now, giving you more than enough reason to buy one from Xur for 13 strange coins over Halloween.

The main Graviton Forfeit perk is Elusive Shadow, which can give you Shadestep for free – one of the last abilities to unlock as a Nightstalker.


This is a really good deal if you love to play with stealth in mind. We have some Graviton Forfeit gameplay for you to enjoy along with the review and it is amazing to think that this helmet is being offered over Halloween – a perfect fit given the design.

A lot of players have been waiting for this helmet after having no luck from drops so we suggest you pay your 13 strange coins and do the analysis later – it is a very good helmet for Hunters.

Do you agree that it is also one of the best looking helmets in Destiny in terms of design? Let us know if you plan to rock one of these and evade like there’s no tomorrow over Halloween.



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