WWE 2K16 Creation Studio App release date delay

By Alan Ng - Oct 29, 2015

Many WWE 2K16 launch buyers expected the WWE 2K16 Creation Studio App release date to be available for download on iOS and Android on the same day as when the game launched in the US.

However, two days after release we can still see that the WWE 2K16 Creation Studio app release time is not live yet. 2K did maintain that the app would be available ‘shortly’ after release, but does it now suggest that they are waiting until WWE 2K16 has launched in all regions first?

WWE 2K16 is still not out in Europe, as the game will be available in the UK and other countries on Friday October 30.


Hopefully the WWE 2K16 Creation Studio app download on iOS and Android will go live on Friday, as we can predict gamers will not be happy at all if they have to wait until after the Halloween weekend for the app to be out.

The Creation Studio mobile app for WWE 2K16 allows players to scan their own face into the game so it is a major companion to the core list of features since you can then take that scan into the create a wrestler modes.


You can see from some of the feedback above that players really want to use this app as soon as possible and many had expected it to be available day one.

Hopefully this isn’t a case of a premature announcement and 2K will launch as soon as the game is available in Europe.

Are you disappointed about the wait for the WWE 2K16 Creation Studio app? Give us your thoughts on this below.

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  • Marky360

    I think it’s dumb this app is only available on IOS and Android and not Win Phone why do we get shafted?

  • FluxedUp

    Isn’t the app designed to let you do the same thing the 2k logo creator website does? Why are people freaking? You can still upload with the website.

  • Marlon Alston

    This is messed up! EA had their face scan app ready in time for the launch of the NBA Live 16 demo, and 2K couldn’t do it in time for game day launch? Maybe EA should’ve gotten that contract WWE.

  • YoMo

    It he’s now been over a week and no news on the app or anything about where it can be downloaded. I am really upset with 2I right about now and even the support contact doesn’t give a proper answer, will the app ever launch?

    • Same boat. Regrettable & current upload system has numerous issues from connectivity to stuff getting de formed even w/ ideal image format settings occasionally. Frustrating.

  • acdc


  • ACDC

    What a disqust for me I have been waiting since day one and here it is already November the 5th and app still ain’t available to the android. Smart phones WTF

  • Marcin

    Any news on when the app will be out? It’s November 4th and still no app.

  • Raymondo

    Is there any update on when the creation suite app will be up and running? Im not playing the game until that is working!!!

  • Clayton Korth

    well it just like all the dlc and season pass hasnt been release either on the PS Network as far i know. its still not avaliable…like come on. also not everyone got the preorder dlc especially if you didnt preorder through companies like Ebgame.

  • StyhLzZ aV

    In all honesty the delay is a big upset but I’d rather have a late app than a crappy one

  • Liljayjayswag Mundy

    The games should not be made by 2k they are always late like they had to set back the release date for wwe 2k15 now it is the app that they set back

  • Randy sparling

    Lol I bet the devs of the app hate the publicisers of the app right now

  • Remy LeBeau

    For making fans wait so long on the creation app we should get something free a free download like the 30 more moves package for free ?

  • Kevin Roberts

    What about the other way of uploading faces? Can you still do that?

  • David Keith

    How pick someone off the ground so your facing there back

    • grizebone

      two ways:
      one is when they on the ground flick the right analog stick down and you can also do it when they standing near you the same way

    • Brian Thomas

      Lift em up dazed and spin em with ur right analog left or right.

  • Joe Jones

    Hulk Hogan has alot to do with 2k legends contact he was on 2k15 DLC but he was remove shortly right 👉 after the racial remarks even though the game 2k15 was already had be out some months

  • Joe Jones

    What what what that’s not good 😞 for business

  • Andre ItsThree Huneed

    App should have been up an ready on tuesday soon as released i got game at midnight why is it any reason for a dely im sure they knew there own release .

  • BigHog

    It is frustrating for sure. I was expecting the companion app to be available by wednesday(day after release date).

    Im not creating my superstar yet until that app is available. Game is still fun to play with your buddies on the couch. Lots of fun battles

    Step it up 2K. We are all waiting.

  • Sucks, WWE 2K16 launch buyers expected the WWE 2K16 Creation Studio App release date to be available for download on iOS and Android on the same day as when the game launched in the US

  • LaNuevaEra


    • David McCooey

      Pretty sure no hulk hogan has nothing to do with 2k.

    • Andre ItsThree Huneed

      Id say last yr WWE2K will hold title as worst wwe game ever ijs

    • T Kane TK

      You should’ve known no Hulk Hogan. WWE took him out after the video surfaced of his racial renarks. Hogan basically has been wiped off the face of the WWE Universe

    • Hyde

      It sucks because there’s no Hogan? The guy is ancient. These games are still developed by Yukes, who have made WWE games for over a decade. 2K is just the publisher.

  • ryan

    hell yea im disapointed

  • Cody Neuhaus

    Yeah I hoping to get it on the 27th as well. I just hope its here on the 30th, or there better be a good reason why its not here then..