Use new Snapchat update Reverse video filters easily

By Alan Ng - Oct 29, 2015

Many of you will be greeted with a new Snapchat update 9.18 on iPhone and Android today, a major update which adds some fantastic new video editing tricks with new Snapchat video filters.

We can see that a lot of you are asking how to use the new Snapchat update video filters and specifically how to rewind on Snapchat since this seems to be the most popular filter out of the three.

Along with the rewind or reverse Snapchat video filter, we also have Fast Forward and Slow Motion video filters on Snapchat now which is probably going to change the way you Snapchat forever.


To do it is easy: After you have taken a video you need to swipe from the right side to the left side of the device to bring up the three new Snapchat video filters.

From there you can choose between Fast Forward, Slow Motion and Reverse and really add some magic to your Snapchats and stun your friends, as they ask how you could make reverse videos or record backwards on Snapchat so easily.

As you can imagine, many of you have been having a lot of fun on social media with showing off your best snapchat reverse videos online – especially when combined with some fun Snapchat lenses.

Let us know your thoughts on the new Snapchat video filters update and what you have come up with so far.

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  • thomas

    I have a sony xperia z3 compact, Android 5.1 and the reverse filter is not available. When will this issue be solved?

    • Jessica ann raj

      I dont have it either. I had it for awhile and then it just vanished. Z3 compact.

  • Josh

    I have the HTC one m8 no reverse feature but I do get slow mo and fast forward

    • ShiverBreeTimbers

      Same issue on my HTC :/

    • Abhysheikh Rao

      But its not working in my phone, I’ve m8
      Suggest me a solution please

  • george

    i have a htc one m9 . rewind isnt working either…

  • Adrian

    I have a galaxy s6 and reverse won’t work and both of my sisters have galaxy s5 and it won’t pop up either so can u please fix that cuase everyone with an iPhone uses it but I cant😠😢

  • Ahmod Anderson

    I have a Galaxy S6 and the reverse filter will not pop up.

  • Ness

    My reverse filter isn’t popping up😭😭

    • Victoria Neal

      I have a Kyocera Hydro Vibe and I’m having the same issue